Top 10 Action Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Ready to sit back, turn your Amazon Prime on and have a nice evening watching a movie at home? No! Of course not! Seek a crumbling action movie to smash the buttocks of your eyeballs!

Today’s action junkies have several options for viewing services. We did a favour and reduced the clutter by picking the best action films available on Amazon Prime. Don’t wait any more it’s time for Amazon Prime to watch movies online.

The Avengers (2012)

Marvel Cinematic Universe, based on the film’s success: The Avengers. The first squad of the most powerful heroes on Earth made the MCU what it is now. Given that nearly eight years have passed since the release of the film, there’s no better time to watch it again. The film provides Joss Whedon’s distinctive mix of action show interspersed with light humour.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

An almost perfect distillation of the excitement and enjoyment of the past radio, Raiders of the Lost Ark once and for all defined the credentials of Harrison Ford, a leader without a Wookiee (with Blade Runner’s help). The film also poses the question: Has anyone had a more remarkable and transformative 5-year career from 1977 to 1982 than Spielberg and Lucas?

Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

Let’s get the first disappointment out of the way: in the introduction of the feature film Mission Impossible-Fallout, the sixth in the franchise, Henry Cavill’s weapons don’t make a sound as they do in the tape-ad “gun cocking.” This is totally crazy. Take the time to cry if you need.

Are you feeling better? Nice, fine, because of the only disappointment in a perfect, pure action movie. Director Christopher McQuarrie brings the unusual cutting-edge franchise of Tom Cruise to incredibly significant heights, often literally, as when Cruise and Cavill HALO leap in a single sequence across the UAE.

James Bond Movies (1962-present)

It is hard to find such an iconic and enduring action hero as James Bond. His experiences have been adapted for radio, television, comics, and especially movies, for decades. Since 1962, His Majesty’s Secret Service Knight has been on the big screen, the 27th Franchise movie to be released this year. 007 was also portrayed by seven actors, each adding something new to the smooth agent role.

Iron Man (2008)

There are many significant moments in the history of the superhero movie, but one movie that attracted by all gender is Iron Man. Perhaps more importantly, it showed that the character he portrays might be outshined by a celebrity; it supersedes the personality, and that is better. Robert Downey Jr. played a vital role in the success of this movie.

Road House (1980)

Would you like to see some bad guys cutting the throat of a really handsome Patrick Swayze? Then you are course human. If you stream RoadHouse, driven and whose aptly called Rowdy Herrington, you’ll see Swayze rip apart the throats of some bad guys. Yet, and that’s what elevates Road House to a masterpiece of a blue-collar from a standard B movie actuator, it makes you believe this.

Escape from New York (1981)

The year is 1997, and crime has soared 400 per cent in the United States. The answer is, right? Manhattan Island has become a giant prison under 24/7 surveillance. All escape routes are banned, and the criminals have to fend for themselves. It is where the former Special Forces soldier Snake Pliskin is housed. The same will happen after the attack on his plane on the way to a peace meeting with the President of the United States.

The Good The Bad and the Ugly (1967)

Undeniably the largest of the Italian westerns ever made but also among the best westerns. Here Leone’s knack for shifting the genre’s sacred themes and obsessions backwards runs at full pace. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef are back for this third Dollars movie, but the addition of Eli Wallach brings a tremendous amount of caustic humour to the mix and much more cynicism.


After six episodes of Bayhem all over the place, the Transformers franchise got a revamped spin-off with Bumblebee from LAIKA boss Travis Knight, and he’s charming like everyone else, giving everybody’s favourite Autobot their own experience in solitary. With stability on the retro.

The Man from Nowhere (2010)

South Korean cinema has grown in popularity in recent years, so much of that we have got for the first time finally a better Korean film. Yet there are plenty of spectacular South Korean films from the previous decade as well. Stories of action and sin are a speciality, and man from nowhere falls into both categories.

Top 10 Programming Languages for Data Science

You must learn many programming languages if you are interested in joining the field of data science since one language can not solve problems in all fields. Your abilities would be incomplete without understanding the fields widely used in data science.

Demand for these languages, including Python, began to rise in the 2010s and data science growth. In reality, data science and Python skills were the necessary ingredients from 2014 to 2019, according to an Indeed report, to ensure a solid foundation in an IT career by 2020.

Several of these specifications are directly linked to a growing variety of innovations now widely embraced. Cloud amplification, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning contribute to some language requirements. In addition, different languages refer to various data science functions, such as market analyst, computer engineer, system architect, or engineering machine learning (ML).

Finally, you should be able to specialize in a certain programming language in your data science background, application system, preferences and your career path. I prefer to do data science online course to cover all the programming technologies in one shot.

Here I listed the top 10 programming languages that are used for data science all over the world.


Eighty-three percent of 24,000 data professionals found used Python in a new global survey. Python is loved by programmers and data scientist because it is a flexible and vibrant programming language. Python appears to be favoured to use iterations below 1000 for data science over R, as it ends up being quicker than R.

This is also thought to be superior to R for manipulation of the data. This language also provides excellent packages for processing natural language and learning knowledge and is inherently object-oriented.


R is a unique language and has very fascinating features that are not present in different languages. For data science applications these features are extremely significant. As a vector language, R can do many things at the same time, and functions can be added without looping to a single vector. This is used in a number of areas, from financial science to genetics, biology, and medicine, as the strength of R is harnessed.


Java has remained a favourite among desktop, cloud, and mobile developers for the past several decades. It runs on the back of an extremely sophisticated JVM (Java Virtual Machine) environment.

Java is commonly used by businesses in place of other contemporary languages, largely because of the scalability it provides. Once a Java job is found, it can develop without affecting performance. Hence, developing large-scale machine learning systems is seen as a common decision.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is a common domain language used by a relational database management system to handle the data. SQL is like Hadoop that it manages information, but the handling of information is very different. SQL tables and SQL queries are key to understanding and feeling relaxed for any data scientist. While SQL can not be used exclusively for data science, learning how to use information in database administration systems is very necessary for a data scientist.

C (C++)

C++ finds an irreplaceable location in every computer scientist’s toolbox. In addition to all existing data science applications, there is a low-level programming language overlay called C++, since it is responsible for executing the high-level code implemented in the framework. This language is clear and highly successful and is one of the quickest on the market. Being a language of low level, C++ allows data scientists to have a much broader application order.


JavaScript is an object-oriented language that was mainly used to build interactive web pages in front-end development during the 2000s. But it changed greatly during the 2010s, with the introduction of ReactJS, Angular JS, VueJS, NodeJS, and several other frameworks.

JavaScript is easy to use as there are algorithms and trends in the web browser that potential data scientists will use. This also helps users to construct interactive visualizations of data from data sets in an Internet dashboard.


Julia is yet another high-level programming language, designed for high-performance data analytics and computing. It has a large variety of applications for front and backend such as Internet programming. Julia is able to use API to integrate into services, promoting metaprogramming.

For Python, this language is claimed to be the quickest since it was designed to apply mathematical concepts such as linear algebra easily and is best done with matrices. Julia offers quick production of Python or R as she creates programs running as quickly as C or Fortran programmes.


MATLAB has a native detector, image, video, telemetry, binary and other real format support. It provides a full range of output in data and machine learning, as well as advanced methods such as nonlinear optimization, device recognition and thousands of predefined algorithms for image and video processing, financial modelling, control system design. Our physical activities in clusters and clouds adapt directly to parallel processing.

Top 10 Ways to Easily Clean the Carpet

You walk every day on your carpet, and it can lose some of its shine over time. But your carpet will look fantastic for years to come, with great care. All you need is a daily cleaning system, the ideal vacuum cleaner, and some tips for stain removal. 

You will learn smart ways to vacuum and steam cleaning the carpet, strategies for eliminating carpet stain in this article. 

top ways to clean carpet

Vacuum the Carpet 

To clean dirt and dust from the carpets, vacuum your carpets thoroughly. Whether you want to prolong your carpet’s existence, you’ll need to change your vacuum cleaner slightly. First, you’ll need to find the ideal carpet cleaner.

Second, see if your carpet manufacturer has identified any of your carpet’s characteristics. Many manufacturers, for example, call their rugs “soft rugs.” Such a carpet needs a different form of vacuum cleaner than you would be using on a cut-pile carpet.

Wash Well 

Wash your carpets with a simple carpet cleaning shampoo like Bissell or Vax for every three months. Find a shampoo that contains a cleaning agent such as Scotchgard, as it provides the fibers with a stain defense. Make sure your carpet is stain free.

Hire Professional carpet cleaner

If you are lazy or don’t want to waste your time on the cleaning process means hiring a professional carpet cleaner will be the best idea. They will completely clean the carpet and remove all the strains from it. You can also refer some useful website to know more about professional cleaners.

Carpet Steam Cleaners 

While professional cleaning is recommended once or twice a year, cleaning of the DIY carpet may be required. Rental vacuum machines are available in large shops and home stores, and you can find plenty of steam carpet cleaners there.

If you want the carpet cleaning approach to residential renovation, please make sure to read the steamer manual carefully and follow all instructions for operating the system. Sometimes carpet cleaners can create debris that attracts dirt, which can make rugs much dirtier over time. That is why all instructions for combining cleaning solution, rinsing, and drying should be followed.

Remove Stains from your Carpet. 

You can stain a carpet in several ways. Someone may spill some grape juice over it, Bingo may leave an unexpected surprise, or little dudes may decide their mat is the best finger painting canvas.

Whatever the cause of the stain, you want the area around the stain to be washed and cleaned from the inside out, using a brush or a piece of the dry towel will be good. Rinse the area with clean water after washing, and repeat the process.

Once the area has been washed, you’ll need to follow the special instructions to remove the numerous stains on the carpet. In most cases, similar carpet cleaners are available for different stains. 

Caring for Different Carpet Fibers 

All rugs are not the same. That is why every fiber of the carpet takes a particular way to clean it. Make sure that you know what type of fiber is used in your carpet before you try to wash it, especially when you vacuum or remove a stain. Every fiber takes a different cleaning approach, and if you’re wrong, you could end up ruining the carpet.

Pre-treat Stains 

Use a pre-treatment method before washing the carpet on heavily stained areas. It will help to remove the stain from below, preparing it for the lifting of the carpet cleaner. If the stain has dried, other stains such as chocolate and mud should be treated.

Deodorize the Carpet 

You can’t get rid of any of the dirt from the carpet sometimes. There comes the point when bits of debris collect when the carpet is likely to stink all over your house. The reason the carpet stinks is due to bacteria building up around the fibers. Deodorize the carpet to avoid odor and germs.

Cleaning the Upholstery and Fabric

You wouldn’t need a list of carpet-cleaning tips to find upholstery and other products. Believe it or not, though, cleaning upholstery goes a long way toward ensuring your carpet’s safety. Furthermore, it increases the home’s cleanliness, even though it takes a lot of time and resources.

Homemade Solutions for the Synthetic Carpet

In these DIY synthetic Carpet Cleaners, dip a white cloth and add to the stain. Never spill the solutions straight onto the material.

Detergent Solution: Mix 1/4 teaspoon liquid dish detergent in a single cup of warm water

Vinegar Solution: Blend two cups of water with one cup of white vinegar.

Solvent solution: An oil solvent is used. Or use a nail polish remover.

Remove Stains of Oil and Grease from Carpets.

Apply a small household carpet cleaning solvent to a white cloth to clean the carpets. Rub on several times, then press the fabric for a few seconds immediately. Rinse with a towel covered in warm water, with a clean sheet. Wait for 1 hour, or until the mat fully dries. Repeat until the stain is removed.

Top 10 Best Indonesian Songs to Download

Everyone love to hear the top songs in any language, but they face problem in finding the top 10 list. So we did research on multiple websites to make this top 10 list of Indonesian songs. I am damn sure you will love all songs on this list.

Umbrellas – For Women Who Are Hugged

This song gets a second chance at life after being released five years earlier and is quite large in the subsurface scene. The cold hand of producer Mondo Gascaro added a slit, sexy scraping stroke, and elegant piano clang. 

This song immediately blossomed like flowers in the spring and, at the same time, ordained Payung Teduh for becoming the best romantic songs in Indonesia.

Barefood – Perfect Color

Over the past decade, we have seen developments in the quality of songwriting from the local indie rock scene. Because of popularity in sound and songwriting, this song appears as a bigger music treat for all music fans. RickWarrenNews also featured this song as the top five songs to hear. So, don’t wait anymore to listen to this song, use the Download Mp3 option on RickWarrenNews and enjoy this song.

Sincerely – Don’t Love Me As It Is

Through this song, Tulus reverses all the logic and perceptions that fill many love songs in general. We sometimes understand the meaning of loving limited to accept all the deficiencies that exist in a partner. 

In this romantic song, loving fullness of sincerity demands a turmoil (jealousy, anger, annoyance), so that it does not lead to a flat and tedious relationship. A love song that is mature and feels like it doesn’t have many competitors in the Indonesian pop scene.

HiVi! – teenager

“Teen” is a brilliant pop song in terms of music and lyrics in harmony with the age that is the subject of songwriting. With a friendly melody and a pithy arrangement produced by the team of the best songwriters of the decade, Laleilmanino made this song a regeneration form of the song “Galih and Ratna” composed by Guruh Soekarnoputra which was popular in the 70s decade.

Banda Neira – Until You Dust

An appreciation song was written by Ananda Badudu for the story of Opa and Omanya, which is still intimate until death is separated in old age. It will good hope for anyone who is in a marriage relationship. Therefore this song began to sound at various wedding moments, especially since it was used as the unofficial Raisa wedding soundtrack.

Kunto Aji – Rest

A soul-calming spell that has proven effective for those who are tired of being hit by the reality of life over the past decade. We must admit, in the last ten years, the reality is not happy enough for young people. The pressure of life continues to catch up, the expectations of the people are squashed, and various dreams must be buried. For those people, this song gives good hope to live a life.

Comb the Lang – Song of Life

Do you still believe in solidarity? The answer “must.” That’s the invitation of Bagus Dwi Danto, a modest musician who now lives in Yogyakarta. Because solidarity only can save us from the cynicism of social media, the frenzy portrayed by the mass media, or the decadence that you feel in daily living.

No matter how glittering social media is with its beautiful promises, you remain grounded in the land, water, and air of this human earth. “So keep taking care,” said Danto, in his calm yet immersive vocal in this song.

Grin – Prohibited in Bandung

The metal music scene in Indonesia is arguably the biggest compared music genre other than the mainstream, but that does not mean it is also problem-free. A tragedy that killed 11 spectators due to squeezing and lack of oxygen made Bandung unfriendly for rock and metal gigs. 

Accompanied by the pounding of the double pedal in the main riff and the anthemic riff, “Forbidden in Bandung” shouted how similar events were used as a justification for the apparatus (in Indonesia) to seize the freedom of friends who wanted to express themselves through music, especially rock music.

Top 9 Wireless Headphones to Buy in 2020

Wireless headphones are trending these days due to its wide number of features. Thanks to advancement in Bluetooth technology only because of it these headphones reached this peak level. Many popular brands started manufacturing wireless headphone to fulfil their customer needs.

In this crowded market choosing the best wireless headphone is real headache for everyone. So, I did a lot of research on many websites to get this best wireless headphones for 2020. All the headphones that I listed here are costly if you have budget issue means you can check cheap & best earbuds for 50 Dollars.

best wireless headphones

  • Sony WH-1000XM3
  • Jabra Elite 85H
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
  • Philips PH805
  • Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Headphones
  • AKG N60NC Wireless
  • Microsoft Surface headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3

Every music freak must be a big fan of Sony only because of their Sound Quality. Sony WH-1000XM3 is a masterpiece of their wireless headphone model. You can blindly purchase this product only for its noise cancelation feature. Because while hearing music using this headphone you won’t hear any outside noise.


  • Excellent Noise Canceling
  • Amazing Sound Experience
  • 32 Hour Battery Life
  • Stylish Look
  • Alexa voice control


  • Little Bit Expensive

Jabra Elite 85H

Jabra Elite 85H comes with terrific style and provides excellent battery life. It’s sound profiles have wide number of customization options. Elite 85H is one of the premium product by Jabra which provides Active Noise Cancelation facility. Eventhough it provides lot of feature but it lags in the high-end codec support.


  • Good Battery Life
  • Excellent Active Noice Cancelation Feature
  • Stylish and Compact


  • Lags in high-end codec support.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

It is a better alternative for Sony WH-1000XM3. Bose 700 wireless headphone provides noise cancelling feature same like the Sony’s WH-1000XM3. Sound quality is quite amazing with this headphone. But it can work only for 10 hours on charge.


  • Great Noise Cancelation
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Battery Life
  • Expensive

Philips PH805

Philips PH805 uses latest Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity so you will experience a good sound quality. Also it is quite cheaper when compare to other models. And it have Active Noise cancelation feature which is reasonably good for its price. It will play for 30 hours on single charge with Lithium-Ion cell.


  • Good Battery Life
  • Detailed Sound


  • Need improvement in ANC

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headphone provides excellent sound quality with high level of detail and warm bass. Its Active Noise cancelation feature is not good as Sony and Bose. Also battery life is not upto the mark. If you are a fan of Sennheiser then you can purchase this model.


  • Stylish Design
  • Personalisation
  • Excellent Sound Quality


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Expensive

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphone is budget friendly model with good Active Noise Canceling feature. It’s sound quality is highly improved when compared to its older models. It uses aptX Adaptive for Stability control and delay time between the headphone and device.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Reasonable Battery Life
  • Robust Bluetooth connection


  • Compatible issue

AKG N60NC Wireless

AKG N60NC Wireless Headphone delivers good sound quality and active noise canceling at this mid range price value. One small issue with this headphone is on-ear rather than over-ear, some people may face comfort issue with this model.


  • Compact Design
  • Gread Sound


  • Not Comfortable for all

Microsoft Surface headphones

Microsoft Surface headphones really delivers good sound quality and excellent active noise cancellation. Lot of customization available for bass frequencies and warm sound. So far I am not comfortable with its high price.


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Control Unit


  • Battery Life