Top 13 TH10 Base Building Techniques for Trophy Pushing

We all know that COC (Clash of Clans) is a real-time strategy game that involves unique strategies and techniques to win over the battle. In this game, the base is a more important one to consider because it prevents you from getting wrecked by the enemy. To make this strong, several base building techniques are available. Choosing the best is something that we always need to consider. 

Here in this article, we will thoroughly guide you to be better armed for playing against the professionals. Let’s get to know the techniques.

Traps for TH 10

Traps are fresh hit and are more important to make a defensive base. They are helpful in elite competitions, do not let know the attackers where your traps being placed. There are a lot of traps been found in the game; we will be seeing them in one by one just pay attention to them.

Spring Traps

You will be familiar with the spring traps in your Town Hall 9. These traps must be placed in a specific manner to make use of them properly. Like it must be placed within the 1 Tile distance between the defensive buildings. Analyze the best coc bases available on the Internet to know better traps placing strategy.

Skeleton Traps

Many of you use the skeleton traps in your bases, but when you place them somewhere in an inappropriate position, they will not be effective. Just place away from your Queen.

Bombs for TH10

Small Bombs

Small bombs do not find many options in the technique. They defend witches in a combo manner or 1 Tile away from the wall that attackers attempt to break.

Giant Bombs

Players used giant bombs by doubling up them, which was a meta-thing, and now it is changed. These giant bombs find more effective against the hog attackers when they are spread out. The advantage of this is, the attackers get caught with at least one of your giant bombs.

Air Bombs

The purpose of the Air Bombs is to take out your opponent’s loons, so make sure that you don’t place them next to your air defense.

Towers for TH10

Wizard Towers

The wizard towers are not used to target the hound, so place them accordingly. The best thing is, place them as they are not in-range with your air defenses. 

Archer Towers

Place them along with your Wizard Towers to maintain good air defense with wizardry-splash damaging the base defense. You need air targeting splash to cover your entire base, which is an important thing to be remembered.

Bomb Towers

Bomb Towers are not to be placed towards the exterior of your base. The bomb towers protect the Queen when it targets the hounds.

Inferno Towers

Inferno Towers are one of the thought-provoking techniques that can be considered. They are good when placed on the adjacent sides of your base, as they do not connect any compartments. Placing them in an adjacent way will help to defend from the miner attacker which is unpredictable. If you protect your inferno towers, they will protect you from attackers.

Clan Castle

The clan castles are used to make the attackers difficult to lure your clan troops. They have a range and make the attacker spend more than 10 troop space to lure yours.


The cannons are used to get a good ground cover along with your air cover. Place them nearer to your air defenses.

Seeking Air Mines

The purpose of the Air Mines is to take out your opponent’s hounds sp make sure that you don’t place them near air defense. It also prevents the Queen walks if they are placed just outside the wall layer.

Air Sweepers

The air sweepers are fun to use as they attack and prevent. Always place the air sweepers away, pointing each other. Place as such, one covering your Queen from the incoming attacking blimp and another one facing the opposite that needs to stop the incoming chargers and save ours.

Other few builder base techniques are needed to be mentioned. They are the Push Trap, Spring Trap, Mine, and Mega Mine. These can be found as per your progress in the game and use them according to your strategy.


Clash of Clans updates new techniques and strategies every year. But, there are quite some common things that all the Clashers and Builder use. Many of you might have come across these techniques, but players around commit mistakes though. These few techniques can be implemented in your base without any questions raised. As we are at the end of this article, I hope that you found this useful and gained knowledge about the Townhall 10 base building techniques. Apply these techniques in your base and enjoy Clashing.