Top 10 Apps/Websites to Convert Video Files

With the increase in usage of smartphones, our love for streaming videos online or offline has subsequently increased. We also want to convert or edit our video files a few times, but the unawareness regarding the perfect app/website makes things seem impossible.

Video conversion platforms import videos from your gallery and allow you to convert a video file from one format to another. This article lists the top 10 best and effective video converter apps/websites for all types of users. However, the procedure of file conversion remains the same for most of these apps.

Top 10 Apps Websites to convert video files

1.Wondershare UniConverter:

Packed with a lot of great features, Wondershare UniConverter supports a large variety of file formats. It is a multiskilled and adaptable conversion tool for Windows and macOS users. The software lets you record desktop screen activity with proper audio narration. Along with this, it is also capable of 4k/UHD video editing. This software can burn and transfer video files to Android, iOS, Xbox, etc.


Tubidy mp4 video converter is one of the simplest working platforms, although it is not exactly like a converter. When you search for the video on the website, all the already converted videos are listed. All the accessible videos have been directly converted by the website in different formats. With Tubidy, there’s no need to wait to get the videos converted. All you need to do is get linked with the website and search for the required video/audio.

3.Any Video Converter:

Any Video Converter is a great tool for converting and editing small video files. It is a well-known free video converter tool online. With the ability to convert to more than 100+ video formats, you can do a lot to your video file with this tool.

The unique selling point of this software has to be NVIDIA and NVENC accelerated encoding. Any Video Converter supports 4K video conversion along with the extraction of audio from videos, download of videos, burn videos to DVDs, etc.


PlayerXtreme is another popular video converter app. It allows you to convert any type of file to the format you desire. It is available for both iOS and Android users. It can be used to extract audio from a video to create a song.

It also supports the conversion of any audio to Mp3. Like, M4a to Mp3, WebMD for Mp3, WAV for Mp3, etc. The software is pretty user-friendly; you can specify the parameters like audio bit rate and video resolution, and half your work is done.

5.Freemake Video Converter:

A powerful yet easy-to-use software, Freemake is available to the users free of charge. The features include video conversion, burning of a disc, photo slideshow creation, and many more. One of the notable things about this software is its ability to support 500+ formats. It not only converts files from your hard drive to different formats but also be used to download and convert from platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.


HandBrake is a perfect conversion tool for Windows, Linux, and macOS users. It is powerful and is best suited for small studios and freelancers. This free software can convert video files to popular formats like H.264/H.265, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc. However, it can only convert files to a few selective formats, but the conversion process is quick enough to support the hardware acceleration.

7.PowerDirector 365:

PowerDirector 365 is free editing software that can be used for projects of all sizes. It is perfectly designed for professional use. It is supported by Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is a powerful tool that offers the best on-the-shelf editing tools to cut, refine, add effects, etc. It has a user-centric interface that allows you to create various content by adding different effects.

8.DivX Converter:

DivX Converter is a basic conversion tool with many great features, specifically oriented towards Windows and macOS users; it converts large video files into small sizes without any loss in quality.
It can make backup copies of non-encrypted DVDs, but the degree of compression is higher than other apps/websites. DivX converted videos are better for sharing online.

9.Free Video Converter:

For all beginners, Free Video Converter comes with a handy batch of conversions. It has a small list of output options, but that is enough if you’re a new user. The users also get a choice of quality settings, and it also allows the merger of several small clips into one file while converting. Among others, this software has a clean and orderly software that can convert batches of files with ease.

10.AVS Video Converter:

Another simple yet powerful conversion tool for windows, the AVS Video Converter, is again a perfect match for small studios and freelancers. With the help of hardware acceleration, it converts your file to full HD and 4K UHD videos in no time.

Top 13 TH10 Base Building Techniques for Trophy Pushing

We all know that COC (Clash of Clans) is a real-time strategy game that involves unique strategies and techniques to win over the battle. In this game, the base is a more important one to consider because it prevents you from getting wrecked by the enemy. To make this strong, several base building techniques are available. Choosing the best is something that we always need to consider. 

Here in this article, we will thoroughly guide you to be better armed for playing against the professionals. Let’s get to know the techniques.

Traps for TH 10

Traps are fresh hit and are more important to make a defensive base. They are helpful in elite competitions, do not let know the attackers where your traps being placed. There are a lot of traps been found in the game; we will be seeing them in one by one just pay attention to them.

Spring Traps

You will be familiar with the spring traps in your Town Hall 9. These traps must be placed in a specific manner to make use of them properly. Like it must be placed within the 1 Tile distance between the defensive buildings. Analyze the best coc bases available on the Internet to know better traps placing strategy.

Skeleton Traps

Many of you use the skeleton traps in your bases, but when you place them somewhere in an inappropriate position, they will not be effective. Just place away from your Queen.

Bombs for TH10

Small Bombs

Small bombs do not find many options in the technique. They defend witches in a combo manner or 1 Tile away from the wall that attackers attempt to break.

Giant Bombs

Players used giant bombs by doubling up them, which was a meta-thing, and now it is changed. These giant bombs find more effective against the hog attackers when they are spread out. The advantage of this is, the attackers get caught with at least one of your giant bombs.

Air Bombs

The purpose of the Air Bombs is to take out your opponent’s loons, so make sure that you don’t place them next to your air defense.

Towers for TH10

Wizard Towers

The wizard towers are not used to target the hound, so place them accordingly. The best thing is, place them as they are not in-range with your air defenses. 

Archer Towers

Place them along with your Wizard Towers to maintain good air defense with wizardry-splash damaging the base defense. You need air targeting splash to cover your entire base, which is an important thing to be remembered.

Bomb Towers

Bomb Towers are not to be placed towards the exterior of your base. The bomb towers protect the Queen when it targets the hounds.

Inferno Towers

Inferno Towers are one of the thought-provoking techniques that can be considered. They are good when placed on the adjacent sides of your base, as they do not connect any compartments. Placing them in an adjacent way will help to defend from the miner attacker which is unpredictable. If you protect your inferno towers, they will protect you from attackers.

Clan Castle

The clan castles are used to make the attackers difficult to lure your clan troops. They have a range and make the attacker spend more than 10 troop space to lure yours.


The cannons are used to get a good ground cover along with your air cover. Place them nearer to your air defenses.

Seeking Air Mines

The purpose of the Air Mines is to take out your opponent’s hounds sp make sure that you don’t place them near air defense. It also prevents the Queen walks if they are placed just outside the wall layer.

Air Sweepers

The air sweepers are fun to use as they attack and prevent. Always place the air sweepers away, pointing each other. Place as such, one covering your Queen from the incoming attacking blimp and another one facing the opposite that needs to stop the incoming chargers and save ours.

Other few builder base techniques are needed to be mentioned. They are the Push Trap, Spring Trap, Mine, and Mega Mine. These can be found as per your progress in the game and use them according to your strategy.


Clash of Clans updates new techniques and strategies every year. But, there are quite some common things that all the Clashers and Builder use. Many of you might have come across these techniques, but players around commit mistakes though. These few techniques can be implemented in your base without any questions raised. As we are at the end of this article, I hope that you found this useful and gained knowledge about the Townhall 10 base building techniques. Apply these techniques in your base and enjoy Clashing. 

Top 10 Action Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Ready to sit back, turn your Amazon Prime on and have a nice evening watching a movie at home? No! Of course not! Seek a crumbling action movie to smash the buttocks of your eyeballs!

Today’s action junkies have several options for viewing services. We did a favour and reduced the clutter by picking the best action films available on Amazon Prime. Don’t wait any more it’s time for Amazon Prime to watch movies online.

The Avengers (2012)

Marvel Cinematic Universe, based on the film’s success: The Avengers. The first squad of the most powerful heroes on Earth made the MCU what it is now. Given that nearly eight years have passed since the release of the film, there’s no better time to watch it again. The film provides Joss Whedon’s distinctive mix of action show interspersed with light humour.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

An almost perfect distillation of the excitement and enjoyment of the past radio, Raiders of the Lost Ark once and for all defined the credentials of Harrison Ford, a leader without a Wookiee (with Blade Runner’s help). The film also poses the question: Has anyone had a more remarkable and transformative 5-year career from 1977 to 1982 than Spielberg and Lucas?

Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

Let’s get the first disappointment out of the way: in the introduction of the feature film Mission Impossible-Fallout, the sixth in the franchise, Henry Cavill’s weapons don’t make a sound as they do in the tape-ad “gun cocking.” This is totally crazy. Take the time to cry if you need.

Are you feeling better? Nice, fine, because of the only disappointment in a perfect, pure action movie. Director Christopher McQuarrie brings the unusual cutting-edge franchise of Tom Cruise to incredibly significant heights, often literally, as when Cruise and Cavill HALO leap in a single sequence across the UAE.

James Bond Movies (1962-present)

It is hard to find such an iconic and enduring action hero as James Bond. His experiences have been adapted for radio, television, comics, and especially movies, for decades. Since 1962, His Majesty’s Secret Service Knight has been on the big screen, the 27th Franchise movie to be released this year. 007 was also portrayed by seven actors, each adding something new to the smooth agent role.

Iron Man (2008)

There are many significant moments in the history of the superhero movie, but one movie that attracted by all gender is Iron Man. Perhaps more importantly, it showed that the character he portrays might be outshined by a celebrity; it supersedes the personality, and that is better. Robert Downey Jr. played a vital role in the success of this movie.

Road House (1980)

Would you like to see some bad guys cutting the throat of a really handsome Patrick Swayze? Then you are course human. If you stream RoadHouse, driven and whose aptly called Rowdy Herrington, you’ll see Swayze rip apart the throats of some bad guys. Yet, and that’s what elevates Road House to a masterpiece of a blue-collar from a standard B movie actuator, it makes you believe this.

Escape from New York (1981)

The year is 1997, and crime has soared 400 per cent in the United States. The answer is, right? Manhattan Island has become a giant prison under 24/7 surveillance. All escape routes are banned, and the criminals have to fend for themselves. It is where the former Special Forces soldier Snake Pliskin is housed. The same will happen after the attack on his plane on the way to a peace meeting with the President of the United States.

The Good The Bad and the Ugly (1967)

Undeniably the largest of the Italian westerns ever made but also among the best westerns. Here Leone’s knack for shifting the genre’s sacred themes and obsessions backwards runs at full pace. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef are back for this third Dollars movie, but the addition of Eli Wallach brings a tremendous amount of caustic humour to the mix and much more cynicism.


After six episodes of Bayhem all over the place, the Transformers franchise got a revamped spin-off with Bumblebee from LAIKA boss Travis Knight, and he’s charming like everyone else, giving everybody’s favourite Autobot their own experience in solitary. With stability on the retro.

The Man from Nowhere (2010)

South Korean cinema has grown in popularity in recent years, so much of that we have got for the first time finally a better Korean film. Yet there are plenty of spectacular South Korean films from the previous decade as well. Stories of action and sin are a speciality, and man from nowhere falls into both categories.

Top 10 Best Indonesian Songs to Download

Everyone love to hear the top songs in any language, but they face problem in finding the top 10 list. So we did research on multiple websites to make this top 10 list of Indonesian songs. I am damn sure you will love all songs on this list.

Umbrellas – For Women Who Are Hugged

This song gets a second chance at life after being released five years earlier and is quite large in the subsurface scene. The cold hand of producer Mondo Gascaro added a slit, sexy scraping stroke, and elegant piano clang. 

This song immediately blossomed like flowers in the spring and, at the same time, ordained Payung Teduh for becoming the best romantic songs in Indonesia.

Barefood – Perfect Color

Over the past decade, we have seen developments in the quality of songwriting from the local indie rock scene. Because of popularity in sound and songwriting, this song appears as a bigger music treat for all music fans. RickWarrenNews also featured this song as the top five songs to hear. So, don’t wait anymore to listen to this song, use the Download Mp3 option on RickWarrenNews and enjoy this song.

Sincerely – Don’t Love Me As It Is

Through this song, Tulus reverses all the logic and perceptions that fill many love songs in general. We sometimes understand the meaning of loving limited to accept all the deficiencies that exist in a partner. 

In this romantic song, loving fullness of sincerity demands a turmoil (jealousy, anger, annoyance), so that it does not lead to a flat and tedious relationship. A love song that is mature and feels like it doesn’t have many competitors in the Indonesian pop scene.

HiVi! – teenager

“Teen” is a brilliant pop song in terms of music and lyrics in harmony with the age that is the subject of songwriting. With a friendly melody and a pithy arrangement produced by the team of the best songwriters of the decade, Laleilmanino made this song a regeneration form of the song “Galih and Ratna” composed by Guruh Soekarnoputra which was popular in the 70s decade.

Banda Neira – Until You Dust

An appreciation song was written by Ananda Badudu for the story of Opa and Omanya, which is still intimate until death is separated in old age. It will good hope for anyone who is in a marriage relationship. Therefore this song began to sound at various wedding moments, especially since it was used as the unofficial Raisa wedding soundtrack.

Kunto Aji – Rest

A soul-calming spell that has proven effective for those who are tired of being hit by the reality of life over the past decade. We must admit, in the last ten years, the reality is not happy enough for young people. The pressure of life continues to catch up, the expectations of the people are squashed, and various dreams must be buried. For those people, this song gives good hope to live a life.

Comb the Lang – Song of Life

Do you still believe in solidarity? The answer “must.” That’s the invitation of Bagus Dwi Danto, a modest musician who now lives in Yogyakarta. Because solidarity only can save us from the cynicism of social media, the frenzy portrayed by the mass media, or the decadence that you feel in daily living.

No matter how glittering social media is with its beautiful promises, you remain grounded in the land, water, and air of this human earth. “So keep taking care,” said Danto, in his calm yet immersive vocal in this song.

Grin – Prohibited in Bandung

The metal music scene in Indonesia is arguably the biggest compared music genre other than the mainstream, but that does not mean it is also problem-free. A tragedy that killed 11 spectators due to squeezing and lack of oxygen made Bandung unfriendly for rock and metal gigs. 

Accompanied by the pounding of the double pedal in the main riff and the anthemic riff, “Forbidden in Bandung” shouted how similar events were used as a justification for the apparatus (in Indonesia) to seize the freedom of friends who wanted to express themselves through music, especially rock music.

Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time

The universe of Marvel offers a host of unbelievably mighty characters and greater than life. Heroes and villains do not lack in their multiverse from Spider-Man to X-Men and Galaxy Guardian. 

Many possess unbelievable powers, which makes imagining what a tournament like Marvel’s superhero would be. Who would win? It’s hard to tell for sure.

The massive fandom for all Marvel is undoubtedly increasing. One thing is sure; Endgame is one of the most lucrative films ever. Below are the most powerful characters throughout the Marvel comic world. Here we listed only the top 10 powerful marvel characters. To know the complete list of powerful heroes, please refer.

powerful marvel characters


The most powerful and mysterious character in a Marvel multiverse, which first appeared in Doctor Strange #13. The designers of Marvel are supposed to represent them, and Jack Kirby took the form. One above all is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-perpetual.


Intel’s Supervillain dragged on Earth, Beyonder is a supernal being stronger than the living tribunal. It is capable and almost omnipotent of manipulating reality at will.


The X-Men are sending Deadpool to a psychiatric treatment clinic on the Deadpool Kills scenario for the Marvel Universe. In fact, a psycho-man disguised as the physician who is treating him tries to get his personal servant to torture and to wash his brain.

The operation fails, but Deadpool is still more mentally troubled, and consequently killed Psycho-Man and started killing all (the above) super-heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe in an attempt (apparently) to rebel against the creators of his comic book.

The Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is so powerful that even Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet dare not to fight against him. His life cut by Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Herb Trimpe. His power is totally unlimited and is able to erase the whole of reality. But the Living Tribunal died before Beyonder fought.


The anthropomorphic representation of each universe on a multiverse is essential “eternity.” Right behind the Living Tribunal, it has absolute authority.

Franklin Richards

An omega-level mutant with a much larger scale than Proteus can distort reality. Although he could never fully control his unimaginable strength in his infantile form, its power is said to be equal to that of the Celestial people. It is probably the strongest mutant ever.

The Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic entity and the main life force of the universe, which is confronted by a number of hosts: Jean Gray, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost, and even Professor X. It can absorb energy, including a being’s vital strength or solar energy.


As a god and a devil, Cyttorak was once worshipped on earth before being expelled from the cosmos of the crimson. While lacking intelligence, he excels with overwhelming strength, speed, and agility in nearly every other power. The crimson gem is one of his best weapons.


The abstract being of far greater strength is Mikaboshi than even celestial parents like Odin or Zeus. Twice he defeated Zeus, the Heavenly Father King, and Greek Gods most Mighty. His powers include immortality, change in form, superpower, various energy projection, etc.


The power of Magus is comparable with that of Galactus, not to be confused with his son Adam Warlock. It can be an improved change in form, nearly any substance, size, form, and color. His powers fluctuate according to form, and he is immortal and can teleport as well. It can divide a star by half in its strongest form.


galactus marvel

Galactus is a man of the all-pervading planet. His divine abilities are virtually unstoppable. It has little weakness and almost every conceivable ability. Once, the most impressive living entity in the cosmos was considered.

The Grand Master

He is an everlasting and ancient being who can not die and who is supernatural and capable of resurrecting the dead. He’s very smart and powerful too.


More than three thousand years ago, Hercules, the son of Zeus, was seen as the strongest character in the whole universe of Marvel. He’s stronger than Thor and Hulk, and he shot Manhattan’s entire island, weighing around 99 billion tons. Hercules can resist Nova’s cosmic explosions and survive without any help in space apart from his great strength.


Onslaught is a very powerful entity created by Professor Xavier’s combination of the magnet and his consciousness. It is also the incarnation of Magento and Xavier’s hate, wrath and frustration that turns him into a terribly powerful boy. In the book of Telepathy, the assault has almost all the powers of superintelligence.


Asgard’s monarch Odin and his son Thor, the strongest among all the Asgardians. You can manipulate magic for a variety of effects, including increased strength, increased size, different wonders, fire energy explosions, and more.

Also, as the monarch of Asgard, he can absorb all Asgardians ‘ powers within himself to increase his already formidable powers greatly. Odin is immortal and, thus, by no natural means can die.