Cory Gunz – Bad Freestyle (Part 2) – Hot Or Not?

KRS 1 once told me Hip Hop will return to the original source ! Well here he is – BX’s Cory Gunz !

6 Responses to “Cory Gunz – Bad Freestyle (Part 2) – Hot Or Not?”

  1. corentin says:

    Wow! Cory killed it!

  2. corentin says:

    Yeah it’s PArt2 .. so if u looking for PART 1 – it’s there:

  3. damm mc like this still give me hope for hip hop. corey killed it

  4. Corey Gunz brought that fire this is hot music with hot video G-UNIT and Holla to DJ. Whoo Kid and the G-UNIT Family and 50 Cent

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