Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey “Coming Home” – I’m Back Where I Belong!

From Diddy-Dirty Money‘s upcoming album Last Train To Paris is “Coming Home” featuring Skylar Grey on the hook, which was written by Jay-Z!

Shouts to OnSmash!

49 Responses to “Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey “Coming Home” – I’m Back Where I Belong!”

  1. adam vibe says:

    j cole’s version is better. Follow @adamvibez on twitter

  2. marisol says:

    luv it

  3. Anonymous says:

    ay young chilll this my song no liez!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. yo says:

    best song puff

  6. bifi says:

    voll das geile video

  7. astride says:

    ooooo that s the best song ever

  8. Gabregail says:

    Listened to it OVER and OVER again! <3

  9. Tammy lamptey says:

    I’m obsessed wit dis song it’s de bomb

  10. Anonymous says:

    this is the stuff. never will forget this. (:

  11. dude says:

    best song ever

  12. FRAA_* says:


  13. amanda says:

    coool i like this song a lot

  14. james says:

    this song is the most beautiful song ever made by puff,it’s more than a boom

  15. james says:

    this song is the most beautiful song ever made by puff,it’s than a boom

  16. james says:

    i think about this song everytime i leave HAITI,just can’t stop singing it.GUD JOD PUFF!

  17. deedee says:

    best song ever i love it

  18. deedee says:

    best song ever i love it

  19. Majestic Powell says:

    ilove dhz sonq ilisten too iht ova nd ova aqain

  20. maria says:

    i luv this song:)

  21. emilyp. :) says:

    i <3 this song :) thanks for making it :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    your good

  23. Dynamike says:

    Wat an amazing song this is

  24. ALEX:) says:


  25. BERNARD says:


  26. kim says:

    luvvv it

  27. owkdkopa says:

    mad song

  28. jaminy says:

    that shit was good

  29. jamall says:

    <3 it!!!!

  30. leah says:

    OMG! best song eva made!!!

  31. SAMUEL says:

    LUV IT

  32. majed says:

    this song is ill yall

  33. j aime le sons de skylar crey ft darty money qui est coming home quand je suis ce sons je suis tout emu et le coeur en joie si elle pouvais chanter n sons comme celui là .en seux momment ma voix peut t il étre dessus

  34. kid says:

    love dis sond listin to it in school while teacher is talkin

  35. Grace A Ferron says:

    Hi my name is Grace I love your song Im Coming Home.Your the best singer in the hole world.

  36. bridgette says:

    hi my name is bridgette but my real name is jacquelyn i live in alaska where lots of people share and there is a lot of sun shine. we are so glad that we have lots of stuff we may be bord but we can find something to do. i like any kind of song so i may be leaving lata and nice to meet you all.

  37. daisy says:

    hey whats up guys i luv that song to much

  38. lorena says:

    heyy im daisys best frend and i live wit daisy hahhahahahha really lolz

  39. Anonymous says:

    nice really:)

  40. JUNioR says:

    this id great song

  41. JUNioR says:

    idonit mindwhen it is playing in the car

  42. juliana says:

    i luv dis song, is the best so far.

  43. ogechukwu says:

    i can’t stay a second without dis song”am coming,a job well done keep it up p-diddy.

  44. Chelickahh says:

    Listen to this everyday when coming home from school, in Seattle, WA… & it’s always raining :P

  45. haitian kid says:

    sak pase …………nap boule i love dis song cause it touch my heart ………………God Bless youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  46. caitlyn bosscher says:

    i love this song!!!!!! :)

  47. degree says:

    dis is tha song i sing when it comes to sing n dis the song tha song i hum when it comes to…

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