DJ Whoo Kid in Bahrain: Michael Jackson, Tyson Beckford, John Legend and The Shiekh

Written by DJ Whoo Kid


In October 2006, I was booked to DJ the Formula 1 race and afterparty in Bahrain for Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Isa Al-Khalifa. Unfortunately, I lost my passport in Dubai airport on my way there, so thank Allah for the Prince Al Khalifa III who got me passed security with no ID (due to the fact his uncle owned the airport anyway!)

I was taken straight to the race as you can see! Above is a fan video of all of us (including director DanTheMan) walking at the raceway.


As you can also see, many famous wierdos were driving in the celebrity race before the Formula 1 started.  John Legend was one of them.



Other famous wierdos like Tyson Beckford were too busy doing breakdancing battles against the locals  while I was djing.  Fucking hilarious!



My stay at the lavish hotel was up, so the Sheikh invited me to stay over at his palace… and Pow!!! There goes Michael Jackson, sipping on lemonade by the pool! I was so shocked, but cool at the same time, because I didn’t want to turn myself into a groupie.

He thought I was so funny that he refrained from leaving to go to his pad, which was next door to the Sheikh. The Sheikh was happy that  I made Mike so comfortable, so he invited the rest of the crew (who were at the afterparty the night before) for dinner !







John Legend,Tyson Beckford, BIG and my good pal DJ Dirt T were in attendance . Me and Mike spoke on Eminem‘s retirement, 50 Cent‘s accomplishments  and lamb ass (dinner) at the royal table . That’s why you see crazy food behind us in that pic.

I also put him on the phone with 50, who was in Morocco filming a movie with Samuel L Jackson. When Mike gave me the phone back, 50 ended the conversation with a big “Fuck you!” and hung up! LOL! All I know is the man that I met was cool and down to earth.




You can tell that Michael was tired of people speaking to him properly as if he was a child. He wanted some Black homeys to bring him back to reality.  It felt good for him to curse and laugh, and relate to people who came up the way he did.

For seven hours he wasnt hanging with lawyers or managers, just cool people who genuinely love his work and didn’t need anything from him . All we wanted was to know who the real Michael Jackson is, and we got it that night.

Too bad the only pic we missed was the Tyson Beckford dance battle against MJ – fucking classic!


I left the next week to Venice to DJ for Kadafi – Pow! Now thats another story…

7 Responses to “DJ Whoo Kid in Bahrain: Michael Jackson, Tyson Beckford, John Legend and The Shiekh”

  1. amazing experience that must have been! R.I.P Michael Jackson! the king of pop!
    whoo kid, keep doing your thing!

  2. yeah that tyson beckford shit looked funny best wishes on the success of whoo kid and rip micheal jackson

  3. Adam Slabosz says:

    R.I.P michael. whoo kids blessed 2 have met the king.

  4. Rachel Ewing says:

    thanks for sharing your experience of meeting michael jackson who was and always will be an inspiration to his fans..may he rest in peace..

  5. yo…you have a pretty cool life man. i really enjoy your picture and in the same time, im happy for you, proud of what you doing. holla back at me.

  6. Arabian says:

    I’m sure the DJ remembers this. The night at a club in Bahrain (F1 race) a friend of mine wanted to take a picture with Tyson and the DJ. They all stood together and ready for me to say smile and take a pic. Tyson all of a sudden changed his mind and grabbed my camera down. We were all shocked. Even the DJ was shocked and pulled us aside to take a picture with him alone. Tyson looked stupid for actually standing in line with them knowing I’m taking a picture. He even had a smile but I don’t know what changed his ugly mind. Plan Rude! Made you look uglier Tyson.

  7. Luna says:

    Your story doesn’t add up: the Formula 1 in Bahrain was NOT in October, but it was in March! Also MJ was not in Bahrain in October 2006. Please tell me what’s up with that?

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