Floyd Mayweather vs Whoo Kid! Knocks Out Rick Ross, Shane Mosley, MMA, Tiger Woods, Ex Artists & More!

Floyd Mayweather called in from Miami to talk with DJ Whoo Kid and the Shade 45 crew last week, and the gloves were on! Listen as the fighting phenom discusses boxing vs. the MMA, the Tiger Woods debacle, Sugar Shane Mosley, his record label and more!

Which sport has the best fans? What is Floyd’s favorite song right now? Which aspiring rapper stole his diamond watch? What will he, 50 Cent and Whoo Kid be doing this New Year’s Eve? Why is Shane Mosley begging to fight Mayweather? How does he feel about haters? How does HBO really feel about champs like Roy Jones, Jr. and Mike Tyson? What advice does he have for Tiger Woods?

Find out the answers in this RadioPlanet.tv exclusive!



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