From Beat Street to Avatar, Jon Landau Dishes! Avatar Sequel?! Oscar Beef?! Hip Hop Epic Coming?!

Hollywood producer Jon Landau sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss the enormous success of Avatar, the crews’ anger at the Oscars and new projects he’s working on with writer/director James Cameron.

Did Jon Landau ever think that Avatar would become such a monster hit? Why was the crew so mad at the Oscars? Will there be a sequel to Avatar? How crazy was the Navi movement around the world? Does Landau ever get confused with the music producer/journalist of the same name? What was it like working on the set of the classic film Beat Street? Could a Hip Hop epic film be the next move? Will our video editor engage in a game of poker with card shark Landau? And what made Whoo Kid cry like a baby?

Find out in this very funny exclusive!

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