The Game Not Giving up on G-Unit Reunion!

The Game has taken to Twitter and   is not giving up so easy on the idea of a G-Unit reunion, even after hearing what Lloyd Banks has to say about it!

I saw what he said & it is what it is.. but I kno da REAL @lloydbanks , a kool n!gga.. who loyalty is wit 50 so I respect it.

@50cent was a kool nigga 2 but sh!t changes sometimes, I was put in a position & I chose 2 ride wit what I BELIEVED IN, don’t REGRET SHIT !! TRUST and BELIEVE that @50cent @tonyyayo & @lloydbanks felt my WRATH when it was ON !!! If they say any different it aint REAL !!! But that sh!t was 2005 & now we comin up on 2011”¦”¦. I’m GROWN, EGO out the doe & I’m 100% gone keep it REAL with YALL & MYSELF !!!

G-unit reunion might not EVER HAPPEN but NOBODY will EVER be able 2 say “GAME” didnt MAN UP when he had 2 & GO HARD when it was MY TIME !!! I KILLED A BRAND, A CLOTHING LINE & WENT AGAINST MY OWN RECORD LABEL & STILL WENT 5 TIMES PLATINUM !!! More FAMILY orientated now”¦. Got a woman, 3 beautiful kids”¦ couple houses.. drove EVERY car & been around the world 5 times”¦”NOT BAD FOR A COMPTON NIGGA”

& #ONMYMAMA G-UNIT will NEVER be the same unless its: @50cent @thegame @tonyyayo @youngbuckmarley & @lloydbanks ! #evenCurtisKNOWdat. & you can “RUN & TELL THAT, HOMEBOY    & we’ll see who’s WHO & what’s WHAT after the R.E.D. album drop.

Shouts to RapRadar!

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