Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne “Down” Video

Here’s the new video from Cash Money / Universal Republic artist Jay Sean – “Down” featuring Lil Wayne.

Jay Sean is British, of Punjabi Indian descent, and has been writing hit songs for years now. People are calling him an R&B artist, but this is really more like Urban Pop – kind of reminiscent of N’Sync, but less corny dancing. What do you think about the song?

Shouts to WorldStarHipHop!


6 Responses to “Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne “Down” Video”

  1. Adam Slabosz says:

    My ears are bleeding, This guy and Lil Wayne need 2 go to hell and take there shitty music with them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you can

  3. sara says:

    My favorite son haters just hating

  4. sara says:

    My favorite song haters just hating

  5. chocoloatemaniac says:

    this my shitt wooo hooo woooo hoooooo

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