Lloyd Banks vs. Twitter Fans – Answers Album Questions and More with Whoo Kid!

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks fielded some questions from his fans on Twitter and then some from DJ Whoo Kid live on Shade 45!

What is Banks‘ favorite record from his latest album HFM2? What was it like working with Kanye West? What rappers are making it into his playlist? Is he rooting for Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim? How does Banks handle rap beef and beef from fans? Did 50 Cent approve of HFM2 right off the bat? Did Eminem help an underage Banks get into a strip club back in the day?

Find out what makes Lloyd Banks tick in this exclusive RadioPlanet.tv audio interview!

8 Responses to “Lloyd Banks vs. Twitter Fans – Answers Album Questions and More with Whoo Kid!”

  1. AKA says:

    I watched the whole hate thing happen with G UNIT, Everybody was rockin with them. then one day, somebody woke up with a hangover and said, 50 soft, G unit fell off and a whole bunch of people believed it and ran with that. meanwhile the real people said, is you a fuckin clown? People said 50 fell of after the massacre, in between Curtis. Meanwhile he was droppin Yayo, Banks Mobb Deep Game, workin with MOP and all these other people. puttin them out, but I mean people all mad like artist can’t take a break from touring and grinding for 5 – 10 years to get where they at.alot of people were mad because Game and Buck got booted and blamed Banks Yayo & 50 instead of buck and game takin responsibility for there actions,Rotten Apple got slept on, Curtis got slept on, Blood money got slept on, before I self Destruct got slept on, Hunger for more 2 got slept on, I think fans are understanding they are still here. Record companies make a big mistake if a re3cord does not do as well as they think it should, they don’t drop that artist record for more than a year, what they should be doing is, if Banks sells 100,00 HFM2 in the first quarter, he should be dropping in the fourth quarter and sales will double if not more, cuz people stil have HFM2 rollin around people will still be finding that album and saying oh I slept on this type ish. People need to stop this hate thing, people need to just stop hearing guns and drugs and understand the message behind it. there so much more to what is being said then what is being heard.

  2. ace says:

    shout out to lb. f**k the haterz man i been a fan since 03,the hold g-uniit camp, banks is under rated man this man done put in so much work and gets slept on. This man lyrics is always on point no matter what, if you need proof got listen to one of his classic mixtapes.

  3. Giulio says:

    I love Father Time as well!!!!

  4. Etsu says:

    my favorite track on the album unexplainable. this dude keeps doin his thing and keeps goin hard. let the haters hate.

  5. yungquis0823 says:

    banks is ill. HFM2 is a Dope Album

  6. fuckmama says:

    let the game talk fuck!

  7. cw617 says:

    Banks if you do read the comments, keep murkin em. That flatline was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Diamond in the rough” for Freeway is coming soon and he is also was slept on just like you and Budden. There is only a couple of y’all in the game right now who bring that fire. We need you on that EP man.

  8. trice 50 says:

    Lloyd Banks has bein d man of al seasons, so am lettin hatez or cash moni boi 2 pls liey low cos banks iz goin blow up, veri soon lyk a vocano eruption manye! Pls jst go ad lesten 2 song he did wif keri hilson ad feel d beats.

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