Mike Tyson Talks Hangover 2! Floyd Mayweather!? Gucci’s Face Tat! 50 Cent’s Mansion and More!

Mike Tyson called in to Shade 45 to talk to DJ Whoo Kid on Saturday (January 29) about working on the second installment of The Hangover! Is the International Boxing Hall of Fame in his near future?

What does Tyson think of Floyd Mayweather? Does pigeon sh*t turn to gold? Does Gucci Mane like to be licked on?! Has Mike Tyson been back to his old mansion that is now owned by 50 Cent?

Listen to Whoo Kid Taking On Tyson in this RadioPlanet exclusive!

16 Responses to “Mike Tyson Talks Hangover 2! Floyd Mayweather!? Gucci’s Face Tat! 50 Cent’s Mansion and More!”

  1. Geppetto says:

    1st lol jp…. these vids always freeze

  2. auggieallure says:

    50 & Tyson would be a nice combo… Two crazy personalities… I could see them playing brothers on a movie…

  3. shev says:

    he’s so sweet now..like hes all sounding mature

  4. Razil says:

    Iron M still the greatest, he made every mo’fo look a punk ass nigga inside the ring. Mike, if you read this, train some kids how to box ma nigga, heavy weight atm looks like shit, please bring some iron style back in the game so we can get it cracking with you as the coach!

    C.P.T errday

  5. shaun conner says:

    Mike and 50cent in a movie would be nice to see

  6. Mark Miner says:

    Mike gone be popular for the rest of his life.

  7. Jace says:

    yo I cant wait to see floyd mayweather beat manny pac foreal, this Fight is Legendary

  8. MANNYP4P#1 says:


    Money is a bitch ass pussy! Manny would own his ass!

  9. cheslock says:

    50 cent aint worth a penny. gay name

  10. Dez DaRealest says:

    “I like to go to war, and I guess he like being licked on”. ROFL. Good interview though. They showed a lot of love and respect.

  11. paul.evans says:

    mike in your prime u were the supreme champ of the world,and no 1 could touch u.all the best

  12. Ivy ali says:

    Awesome much respect to a great prize fighter who was unfairly treated and backstabbed. Mike keep your head up you will always be one of the greatest fighters around.

  13. the reborn tyson says:

    why u loughing while talking to mike i take that as ur just joking with him

  14. the reborn tyson says:

    my Allah bless you and your family and help you take good care of you children….am tkas the new tyson your going to hear about me very soon…..insha Allah

  15. MR.T-MAN says:


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