Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time

The universe of Marvel offers a host of unbelievably mighty characters and greater than life. Heroes and villains do not lack in their multiverse from Spider-Man to X-Men and Galaxy Guardian. 

Many possess unbelievable powers, which makes imagining what a tournament like Marvel’s superhero would be. Who would win? It’s hard to tell for sure.

The massive fandom for all Marvel is undoubtedly increasing. One thing is sure; Endgame is one of the most lucrative films ever. Below are the most powerful characters throughout the Marvel comic world. Here we listed only the top 10 powerful marvel characters. To know the complete list of powerful heroes, please refer.

powerful marvel characters


The most powerful and mysterious character in a Marvel multiverse, which first appeared in Doctor Strange #13. The designers of Marvel are supposed to represent them, and Jack Kirby took the form. One above all is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-perpetual.


Intel’s Supervillain dragged on Earth, Beyonder is a supernal being stronger than the living tribunal. It is capable and almost omnipotent of manipulating reality at will.


The X-Men are sending Deadpool to a psychiatric treatment clinic on the Deadpool Kills scenario for the Marvel Universe. In fact, a psycho-man disguised as the physician who is treating him tries to get his personal servant to torture and to wash his brain.

The operation fails, but Deadpool is still more mentally troubled, and consequently killed Psycho-Man and started killing all (the above) super-heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe in an attempt (apparently) to rebel against the creators of his comic book.

The Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is so powerful that even Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet dare not to fight against him. His life cut by Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Herb Trimpe. His power is totally unlimited and is able to erase the whole of reality. But the Living Tribunal died before Beyonder fought.


The anthropomorphic representation of each universe on a multiverse is essential “eternity.” Right behind the Living Tribunal, it has absolute authority.

Franklin Richards

An omega-level mutant with a much larger scale than Proteus can distort reality. Although he could never fully control his unimaginable strength in his infantile form, its power is said to be equal to that of the Celestial people. It is probably the strongest mutant ever.

The Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic entity and the main life force of the universe, which is confronted by a number of hosts: Jean Gray, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost, and even Professor X. It can absorb energy, including a being’s vital strength or solar energy.


As a god and a devil, Cyttorak was once worshipped on earth before being expelled from the cosmos of the crimson. While lacking intelligence, he excels with overwhelming strength, speed, and agility in nearly every other power. The crimson gem is one of his best weapons.


The abstract being of far greater strength is Mikaboshi than even celestial parents like Odin or Zeus. Twice he defeated Zeus, the Heavenly Father King, and Greek Gods most Mighty. His powers include immortality, change in form, superpower, various energy projection, etc.


The power of Magus is comparable with that of Galactus, not to be confused with his son Adam Warlock. It can be an improved change in form, nearly any substance, size, form, and color. His powers fluctuate according to form, and he is immortal and can teleport as well. It can divide a star by half in its strongest form.


galactus marvel

Galactus is a man of the all-pervading planet. His divine abilities are virtually unstoppable. It has little weakness and almost every conceivable ability. Once, the most impressive living entity in the cosmos was considered.

The Grand Master

He is an everlasting and ancient being who can not die and who is supernatural and capable of resurrecting the dead. He’s very smart and powerful too.


More than three thousand years ago, Hercules, the son of Zeus, was seen as the strongest character in the whole universe of Marvel. He’s stronger than Thor and Hulk, and he shot Manhattan’s entire island, weighing around 99 billion tons. Hercules can resist Nova’s cosmic explosions and survive without any help in space apart from his great strength.


Onslaught is a very powerful entity created by Professor Xavier’s combination of the magnet and his consciousness. It is also the incarnation of Magento and Xavier’s hate, wrath and frustration that turns him into a terribly powerful boy. In the book of Telepathy, the assault has almost all the powers of superintelligence.


Asgard’s monarch Odin and his son Thor, the strongest among all the Asgardians. You can manipulate magic for a variety of effects, including increased strength, increased size, different wonders, fire energy explosions, and more.

Also, as the monarch of Asgard, he can absorb all Asgardians ‘ powers within himself to increase his already formidable powers greatly. Odin is immortal and, thus, by no natural means can die.