Sade ft. Maino “Soldier” – Hot or Not? Sade is BACK!

Sade is BACK! Here is “Soldier‘ with a guest appearance from Maino… what do you think about it? Hot or not?


2 Responses to “Sade ft. Maino “Soldier” – Hot or Not? Sade is BACK!”

  1. This is the greatest news ever. Sade back? Now I have something to live for. A Sade concert. Maino is cool but no rapper is necessary on any Sade song.

  2. What I mean is any rapper on a Sade track is like a rapper coming into your bedroom when your making *love to your woman and him rapping into your ear.

    * Physical and spiritual connection in bed with someone you love (Not to be confused with Tiger Woodin’ a hoe)

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