Slim The Mobster ft. Snoop Dogg “What Goes Up”

Slim The Mobster teams up with the King of the West Snoop Dogg for this exclusive track What Goes Up.

6 Responses to “Slim The Mobster ft. Snoop Dogg “What Goes Up””

  1. KiNg C JaiL says:

    nice premudo suno

  2. Kendrix says:

    Excellent recording Slim & Snoop!

  3. Jonnyblazze says:

    snoop what happened to your old steez? I wanna hear real gangster music like Lodi dodi that shit was phat. Fuck new rap take it back to what worked and drop these artist that can only talk about bull like cars and women that they only recently got with the help of others.

  4. agreed says:

    what he said ^^^

  5. damn says:

    the banner is fucking the song up . i cant hear a thang !

  6. mike says:

    Snoop that joint is what’s up u always make good music a FAN FOR LIFE HOMEY

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