Is MTV Turning Snooki into Alcoholic? Ex-BF Thinks so!

Emilio Masella, who dated Snooki for a couple months last year took to Twitter to air out his feelings of Snooki‘s recent behavior involving a potted plant (video above) and he is blaming MTV!

Emilio tweeted “This is Disgusting. MTV’s Jersey Shore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic. They are killin her liver. That’s not the nicole I knew! Poor girl.” Claiming, “The Vid on TMZ with Nicole Dancing with the plant, is a total embarrassment. I blame Production.”

Masella finally added “They won’t learn till she hurts herself.”

In my opinion it is true that MTV and other reality show producers encourage this kind of behavior but at the same time people need to be responsible for their own behavior! It is a shame that people feel like they have to make a mess of their lives to get attention.

What a sick world we live in, lol!

~ @FetusRPT

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