Snoop Dogg Respects Drake’s Hustle! 50 Cent vs Jay-Z? Autotune Copycats!

The excitement of DJ Whoo Kid‘s birthday weekend on Sirius/XM was neverending, as Snoop Dogg called in to discuss his renewed energy for the rap game, beef, jealousy, his new video with The Dream and more! And of course he drops some gems about his upcoming album Malice in Wonderland!

Snoop also offers some insight about why he and Trey Deee squashed their beef after so many years and why it started in the first place, as he brings up instances of 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Don King and others who have dealt with jealousies within their own camps.

Why does Drake get so much respect? Does age matter? Is Bill O’Reilly still coming for Snoop? Why did so many artists copy the Dogg’s autotune style? Why is Eminem so dope, and why doesn’t Snoop want Em  on his album? How does he feel about the potential of a real Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent beef?

Peep game  in this exclusive!

By: Dove ~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~


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  1. Snoop Dogg the real deal that’z whut’z up West Coast peeps

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