Snow Tha Product “Unorthodox” Video – What Do You Want From Me?!

Off of Snow Tha Product‘s Unorthodox 0.5 mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid we get the official video for “Unorthodox,” where Snow goes in on internet haters!

This girl is going to concur the game, no doubt about it! Not just the female side of it either, but the game completely!

This beat is absolutely bananas and so is her flow!

CLICK HERE to download Snow Tha Product‘s Unorthodox 0.5 mixtape for free!

9 Responses to “Snow Tha Product “Unorthodox” Video – What Do You Want From Me?!”

  1. This gyal is Haaard! No hood wit out Latins in it she right bout tha lol

  2. calibudz says:

    best vid i seen in a while and damn she eatin the track up

  3. Michael Eng says:

    Love the video. get the album on you know snow is the truth.

  4. Nicolas Agnew says:

    Seriously Whoo Kid? You lost a lot of cred by backing this girl. Female Em? C’mon son! I thought you were better than this man. Damn. You POW is gone.

  5. Fetus says:

    Nicolas is sipping that Hatorade —> Go listen to Nicki Minaj.

  6. Anonymous says:

    haha! nice one Fetus!

  7. CYNIKAL 3000 says:


  8. MissK says:

    Shes one of the hardest Femcee’s in the game right now fixing to give these dudes a run for they money for real!

  9. BabiSilent says:

    Unorthodox.5 went hard! and the video was mad crazy spittin nothin but the truth!

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