Soulja Boy “I Got MoJo” QuikVid and Interview

Here is Soulja Boy‘s official “I Got MoJo” QuikVid, co-starring DJ Whoo Kid, his lambo and Soulja Boy’s chain – shining brighter than the lights in Times Square! Directed by DanTheMan.

We also spoke with Soulja Boy about his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, why he put out the word for Jay-Z and Kanye West to get at him for his next album, and what some dedicated fans have done to get his attention.

Interview by Dove ~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~ Tell us a little bit about the “I Got MoJo” video shoot.

Soulja Boy: The song is off off of my upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, I shot it with DJ Whoo Kid riding through NYC in a Lamborghini, right after I finished doing 106 & Park. It’s all about the swag, it’s all about 2009, it’s all about the movement, it’s all about Soulja Boy in 2009. Shout out to DJ Whoo Kid.

RPT: You’ve said that in the beginning of your career you made a lot of fun dance songs because that’s how you felt, but that next time your music will be more representative of you. What do you feel will be different than what we’ve seen thus far?

Soulja Boy: Going into this third album, it’s all about me. This is gonna be my realest album, my biggest and best album to me. How the public will feel about it, I don’t know. You might have a lot of people that love the dance songs, but I feel that this is gonna be my biggest and best album because it’s the realest album that I’ve put out so far.

RPT: How do you deal with haters and the media saying things about you that you might not like?

Soulja Boy: I just live life and stay positive, I believe in hard work and dedication. I believe in dreams, having goals and accomplishing them. I made my first million dollars when I was 16-years-old, can’t nobody tell me nothing. I live my life how I want to live my life, I take care of my family, my little brother and sister and a lot of people. A lot of people depend on me, I’m not the type of person to depend on people. I never liked to depend on another person, I always liked to do for myself.

So when people that I don’t even know or that I never met in my life that have opinions on me”¦you can dislike a person’s music but if you have opinions on me as a person and it goes beyond music, I really don’t believe or pay attention to any of those things. I do believe in constructive criticism and taking other people’s advice on improving my lyrics and things of that nature, but when it comes to talking about me as a person, I don’t believe in listening to stuff like that. But I always stay grinding, dedicated and humble.

RPT: Do you feel like you’ve had to grow up fast over the last couple of years with your business?

Soulja Boy: I’ve always been the type of person to be hands on with my business and my money, and I always want to be the type of person to learn more about everything that I do. I want to learn my craft and business, and I feel as if I got to the point where I got it down to a science with the way I market myself through the internet, and the buzz that I create around myself and my career, and building my Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em brand up to where it is now. Any venture I do or hobbies that I have – whether it be fashion and sneakers or video games – whatever I do, I like to learn, pay attention to other people and perfect my craft.

RPT: You recently announced that you’re reaching out to Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z and others to work with you on your next project. How important do you feel it is for rappers of their stature to come back and work with artists like yourself who are growing and learning?

Soulja Boy: I feel as if you’re a real musician or a real person, you’ll take the time out to work with me. I’ve met a lot of different people since I’ve been in the entertainment industry, and I’ve had conversations with T.I., 50 Cent and Usher, people that have been in the game way longer than I have. I’ve come across people that act like they don’t want to be a part of working with me or whatever, then I met real artists that’s down to earth like myself that don’t really got a big head and will keep it 100 with you.

Those are the type of people I look forward to working with. If I reach out to a person and they act like they’re better than me or something like that, I don’t take it personal, because each person is different and everybody’s not gonna keep it real and want to work with you. That’s just life.

RPT: Do you ever feel that some of these [more established] people might be intimidated by you? You’ve set the music industry on end at a time where others are struggling.

Soulja Boy: In the past I’ve reached out to artists to work with me on something I felt could be really big, and now that artist is in a position where they really need me now. I took an artist like Sammie who hasn’t been around for years, and now we got the Number One record in the country for 10 weeks straight [“Kiss Me Thru the Phone”].

I’m just glad I work with real artists – it don’t matter how big your buzz is. When I went to Sammie, he wasn’t as hot as Chris Brown or T-Pain, but we made it happen with hard work and determination and we went to Number One. I like to work with real people and real artists.

RPT: What is the craziest thing a girl has done to get your attention?

Soulja Boy: When I was on tour I’d have girls show up to my concerts and be hiding out in my tour bus and dressing room, I’d have girls follow me from one state to the next, following my tour bus for four or five cities straight. That’s why I always thank the fans, me being the type of artist that I am I try to give back as much as I can, because it’s a lot of girls that actually think I’m their boyfriend that are in love with me. I understand that so I try to keep them happy.

RPT: Who are some of the key people that have been there throughout your career that you’ll be working with on your new album?

Soulja Boy: Of course I will be working with Jim Jonsin once again, he did “Lollipop” for Lil’ Wayne, “Whatever You Like” for T.I. and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.” I look forward to working with Polow Da Don again, he did “Yamaha Mama” featuring Sean Kingston on my second album”¦ but I don’t like to work by name, I like to work by ear.

I know a million producers that are no-names, but they got hot beats. I will be going back in the lab to produce beats on this album, I really haven’t produced since my second album, but I’m looking forward to doing a 50/50 split beat with Kanye West. I think that’ll be hot because he’s a great lyricist, but an awesome producer as well. I feel like I’m an awesome producer too, and both of us in the studio together at the same time can come out with a smash.

RPT: When can we expect the new album?

Soulja Boy: We’re looking at late September/early October.

RPT: What is your summer looking like?

Soulja Boy: I’m putting together the Swag On Tour. They want me to do the Scream Tour, but I don’t know yet. I’m on the road 24/7, so my schedule is booked until July but I’m all about running around and grinding hard. Recently I just did the XXL magazine cover, the DUB magazine cover, the Ozone magazine cover, Right On! magazine, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno‘s shows, Good Day New York, Good Day L.A., 106 & Park, I’ve been nominated for a BET Award, and I’m performing at the BET Awards as well.

RPT: Do you ever worry about overexposure?

Soulja Boy: At one point in my life I did believe that I was putting too much of my life out on the internet and in the public eye, period. I felt like I had to slow down on that bit, so I cooled down for a while. I used to tape everything I did and put it on the internet, but I cooled down.

RPT: What’s the number one thing you want people to know about Soulja Boy right now?

Soulja Boy: I am here to spread the message that any dream and goal that you have can come true and be accomplished. I’m walking proof that I had a dream to become a famous rapper, and I made it happen with hard work and determination. I know I’m probably one out of a million, and stories like mine probably don’t happen very often. It’s very rare for a person like me to do this, but I want everybody to know it’s not impossible to do what they want to do with their life.


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