Top 10 Hair Styling Blogs that You Need to Follow

Nowadays, blogging has become a part of every profession. People those who are expert in their fields, try to connect with the respective audiences by bringing up their knowledge through blogs and websites.

In this article, you are going to know about some interesting hairstyling blogs that you need to follow to know something new about hairstyling. As people often try hairdos, buy hair products, by taking a look at these blogs, we can get a fair idea to move. This is going to be very useful, so sit back and enjoy it.

Here is the list of the top 10 hairstyling blogs that you need to follow,

  • Naturally Curly
  • Flat Iron Queen
  • Confession of a hairstylist
  • The freckled fox
  • Babes in Hairland
  • Hairfinity
  • Twist me pretty
  • Sweetheart Hair Designs
  • Princess Hairstyles
  • Corner of hope and mane

top hairstyle blogs

Naturally Curly

The name of the blog simply defines that it is mainly for people with curly hair. In this blog, you can find product reviews which are excellent, to be honest. The hair products that are reviewed in this are mostly recommended for curly hairs, and if you are satisfied with the review, you can buy them, links are also provided in the blogs. This blog takes extra effort and covers some cool and stunning articles, hairstyle tutorials, and guides for people who are blessed with curly hair. So, this blog moreover covers everything related to curly.

Mens Hair

Mens Hair is one of the best hair styling blogs exclusively made for men. Here you will find hairstyles for children, boys, and men. All the trending hairstyles are updated here very quickly so you won’t miss any new hairstyles. Follow their blog to make your hair trendy.

Confession of a hairstylist

This blog is developed by a hairstylist professional, who has an experience of nearly 14. It has been popular and most favorite for millions of hairstyle experts. In this blog, you can find the step-by-step instructions to experiment with some stunning hairdos. The blog covers trendy and latest kinds of stuff.

Babes in Hairland

You know what this blog was started by a mum who has been trying some beautiful hairstyles on her daughter. It was started for fun; later, she decided to help out people to experiment with her hairstyles. So, in this blog, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions that you can learn to do different hairdos. You can select your preferred hairstyle and learn to style them with simple steps. Hair accessories for cute girls are also covered in this blog.


If you are looking for a solution for your hair problems, then visit this blog. It is a unique and stand-out blog that nearly covers all the problems that are related to the hair. The main objective of this blog is to reach people and solve their hair problems. They also produced some vitamins for hair problems, which were the best selling among people across the globe.

Twist me pretty

This is also a blog created by a mum, who covers topics related to hairstyling, fashion, and beauty tips. The popularity of this blog is growing rapidly. The content in this blog is of high quality, and you will love it. There are video tutorials on how to do hairstyles.

Sweetheart Hair Designs

There are lots of hair designs that are available on the internet. So, to try those hair designs with expert advice, you need to visit this website, which covers nearly different types of hairstyles with unique hair designs.

The freckled fox

The freckled fox is an article that is similar to most hairstyling blogs. In addition to that, it provides you some fitness and healthy food tips to maintain the hair for ages. 

Princess Hairstyles 

This blog contains useful content that provides their tutorial both by adding images and videos for different hairstyles. They have also launched a free application for much easier access for the audience.

Corner of hope and mane

Some women suffer from hair loss. For them, this blog covers all those problems and finds solutions to it. This blog always cares about your hair loss, so if you have such a problem, you can always visit their site.


Hairstyling is a thing that most people love to do. The next time when you wanted to know about hair styling or hair care kinds of stuff, visit blogs. These are some of the highly recommended blogs that cover all the kinds of stuff related to hairstyling. If you are a person who always cares about your hair before doing hairdos, kindly visit and check out their blogs and sites. The more you gain knowledge about hairstyling, the more professional you become. I hope that this article is helpful and useful for your doubts. Have beautiful hairstyling!