Top 10 Best Indonesian Songs to Download

Everyone love to hear the top songs in any language, but they face problem in finding the top 10 list. So we did research on multiple websites to make this top 10 list of Indonesian songs. I am damn sure you will love all songs on this list.

Umbrellas – For Women Who Are Hugged

This song gets a second chance at life after being released five years earlier and is quite large in the subsurface scene. The cold hand of producer Mondo Gascaro added a slit, sexy scraping stroke, and elegant piano clang. 

This song immediately blossomed like flowers in the spring and, at the same time, ordained Payung Teduh for becoming the best romantic songs in Indonesia.

Barefood – Perfect Color

Over the past decade, we have seen developments in the quality of songwriting from the local indie rock scene. Because of popularity in sound and songwriting, this song appears as a bigger music treat for all music fans. RickWarrenNews also featured this song as the top five songs to hear. So, don’t wait anymore to listen to this song, use the Download Mp3 option on RickWarrenNews and enjoy this song.

Sincerely – Don’t Love Me As It Is

Through this song, Tulus reverses all the logic and perceptions that fill many love songs in general. We sometimes understand the meaning of loving limited to accept all the deficiencies that exist in a partner. 

In this romantic song, loving fullness of sincerity demands a turmoil (jealousy, anger, annoyance), so that it does not lead to a flat and tedious relationship. A love song that is mature and feels like it doesn’t have many competitors in the Indonesian pop scene.

HiVi! – teenager

“Teen” is a brilliant pop song in terms of music and lyrics in harmony with the age that is the subject of songwriting. With a friendly melody and a pithy arrangement produced by the team of the best songwriters of the decade, Laleilmanino made this song a regeneration form of the song “Galih and Ratna” composed by Guruh Soekarnoputra which was popular in the 70s decade.

Banda Neira – Until You Dust

An appreciation song was written by Ananda Badudu for the story of Opa and Omanya, which is still intimate until death is separated in old age. It will good hope for anyone who is in a marriage relationship. Therefore this song began to sound at various wedding moments, especially since it was used as the unofficial Raisa wedding soundtrack.

Kunto Aji – Rest

A soul-calming spell that has proven effective for those who are tired of being hit by the reality of life over the past decade. We must admit, in the last ten years, the reality is not happy enough for young people. The pressure of life continues to catch up, the expectations of the people are squashed, and various dreams must be buried. For those people, this song gives good hope to live a life.

Comb the Lang – Song of Life

Do you still believe in solidarity? The answer “must.” That’s the invitation of Bagus Dwi Danto, a modest musician who now lives in Yogyakarta. Because solidarity only can save us from the cynicism of social media, the frenzy portrayed by the mass media, or the decadence that you feel in daily living.

No matter how glittering social media is with its beautiful promises, you remain grounded in the land, water, and air of this human earth. “So keep taking care,” said Danto, in his calm yet immersive vocal in this song.

Grin – Prohibited in Bandung

The metal music scene in Indonesia is arguably the biggest compared music genre other than the mainstream, but that does not mean it is also problem-free. A tragedy that killed 11 spectators due to squeezing and lack of oxygen made Bandung unfriendly for rock and metal gigs. 

Accompanied by the pounding of the double pedal in the main riff and the anthemic riff, “Forbidden in Bandung” shouted how similar events were used as a justification for the apparatus (in Indonesia) to seize the freedom of friends who wanted to express themselves through music, especially rock music.