T-Pain vs Jay-Z?! Why is T-Pain So Mad??

We didn’t know what to believe when Fabolous announced from his twitter page (@myfabolouslife) on Sunday, Sept. 6 that T-Pain was on stage dissing Jay-Z at Rehab in Las Vegas. Pain was reportedly saying “F*ck Jay-Z” and “Jay-Z” sucks… it just sounded too crazy. But now we have proof! Check out the video above and let us know what you think about the situation!!

Shouts to 2dopeboyz, WSHH, MrExclusive and DJ Mike!!


One Response to “T-Pain vs Jay-Z?! Why is T-Pain So Mad??”

  1. Adam Slabosz says:

    I gotta role wit tpain on this one. First and for most Bp3 was GARBAGE. Second of all tpain is all about the auto tune, And jay z is knocking pain auto tune hustle with D.o.A
    I would be pissed to if i was pain, that nigga jay hating on da kid. As far as death of auto tune it aint happening cuz there are still too many artist using it.

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