Waka Flocka vs DJ Whoo Kid! Defending Drake In Beef? Issues With Wiz + Snoop?? Kobe Bryant A Lame?? Collabo With Meek Mill??

Waka Flocka recently called into DJ Whoo Kid’s show on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 to speak about all the madness that has been going on lately involving Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and more. Luckily over here at RadioPlanet.tv we were able to capture the entire conversation!

Will we see Flocka defending Drake in any of his beefs? Where did the issues with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg stem from? Is Flocka really working with Katy Perry?  How does Flocka feel about Kobe Bryant losing half of his fortune? Can we expect a Flocka and Meek Mill Collabo?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!



7 Responses to “Waka Flocka vs DJ Whoo Kid! Defending Drake In Beef? Issues With Wiz + Snoop?? Kobe Bryant A Lame?? Collabo With Meek Mill??”

  1. jess says:

    Waka is a fag he aint got 75 mill for a girl to take and he aint got no secret to bein famous thts y he didnt say unless he gone tell everyone he sucks cock he aint shit and nevr gonna be shit

  2. BlueHef says:

    Funny thing is a female already took his chain and ring off his finger while he was on stage, He shouldn’t throw stones when he lives in a dense glass house

  3. RipJ-Block says:

    Lol my nigga said fuck wiz

  4. Anonymous says:

    you’ll get bullied cuzz…westside

  5. Triple D texas says:

    waka said wouldnt want to let the cat out of the hat? HAHAHAHAH!!!!! Cat out of the Bag

  6. Rotfl he said he don’t wanna hurt modona llf… This was funny af but flocka do go hard……

  7. PTRILLA says:

    As a prosecutor upon divorce a women is not entitled to half a mans earnings due to new laws in family statute court. The only thing a woman is entitled to is child’s support & alimony which in kobe case four houses & 75 mil splits down to a lot child support & alimony. If I was Kobe I’d ask for DNA test in the children & most athletes have stipulations I. Their contracts that states prenuptial agreements in signing of contracts in league & endorsements. Yet as in any business the more you make the more they can take I.e the courts,police,family court,child support system,the tax system,. As a black man though if Kobe would had a black woman or woman with some sense she would ignored the cheating kept her man & her money because famous wives don’t make it far without famous husbands 75 mil can be spent in one day considering how being wealthy is so expensive most cars cost 20 40 million & estates cost 100 million I guess the curse t ruin dark skinned men is alive after mike Tyson,tiger woods,michealjordan & Jackson ,what is left fir dark skinned men if even being a all league MVP & four time winning champion mean if the wealth from your athleticism can be stripped like flagrant foul. A log hustlers from streets know don’t go pro beucase you never know who tagging your woman or eyeballing your finances when your traveling but they never mention if the wife had flings or if stealing Kobe mooney was her intention either through the system or by the vicoius girls click that pull those scams of bring groupies in same click that work their schemes on ball players I’m writing a book abkuut it.called ” Groupieism 101″ . It will chronicle the lives & scandals of Hugh profile celebrities & entertainrs & lottery winners with bad luck or was it a set up?all I know is if I was dating Oprah I wouldn’t mind if she messed around ain’t like a starving artists can leave a wealthy woman & claim she cheated & was unhappy in bed I’m like damn was 12 inches not enough lol? The book coming soon. Everything is to be questioned for it is all be design.

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