Wayans Madness! 50 Cent Diss!? Marlon Freestyle!

DJ Whoo Kid becomes an official Wayans as the whole family steps in to discuss their new movie Dance Flick.

Watch as Shawn and Marlon issue a harsh message for 50 Cent, speak on  J-Lo lust and how to treat white women!

Oh yes, and Marlon Wayans freestyles better than you! Another hilarious RadioPlanet.tv exclusive!


3 Responses to “Wayans Madness! 50 Cent Diss!? Marlon Freestyle!”

  1. that shit was hilarious
    marlon went in

  2. Jay Rogers says:

    that boi marlen is a fool…sayin sorry to fif…lmao

  3. dydysgurl says:

    I love this Fam…. They are all out their minds !!!! lol

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