50 Cent “OK, You’re Right”

Here is a brand new track from 50 Cent’s upcoming album Before I Self Destruct -OK, You’re Right.”


50 Cent You're Right


13 Responses to “50 Cent “OK, You’re Right””

  1. Kimmie Bair says:

    Lovin this song…

  2. i like it ! You should add my team on the remix

  3. Anthony Foti says:

    ok u right SADA…..POW!

  4. DJ. Whoo Kid thatz great banger music by 50 Cent keep on great thangz G-UNIT your greatest fan

  5. Fabien Taleb says:

    It’s a shame! What a flat beat! Dre is down he only makes shit now, how could be 50 inspired? Man u’d better work with other producers before becoming a shit too!

  6. wolf boy says:

    on lady gage adam itachi hooley google

  7. wolf boy says:

    kim ann ward si hot

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