Top 7 Restaurants in San Antonio to Eat Right Now

The restaurant scene in San Antonio has steadily grown this year; the new culinary professionals who broke into the picture in early 2019 are already making changes, from the CIA’s last productive effort to a restaurant that seems to be renaissance the popular Chez Vatel.

The Alamo has been continuously been faithful to its old favorites, but it’s just as friendly to the new restaurants that come on the market, so be a kind friend and help newly arrived local restaurants.

Meet San Antonio’s 7 Best New Restaurants. From the fresh South Texas cuisine to the classically prepared pizzas that deserve a night out, these restaurants menus and environments show that the gastronomic scene of the city is not at all a simple one.

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When Vatel Bistro closed in 2017, the joint engagement for French cuisine conducted by San Antonio did not last long. Driven by past Vatel Bistro chef Damien Watel, the Bistro 09 offers classic French dishes such as duck confit and fries, as well as innovative creations such as night time moose burgers and a fantastic brunch. Sunday meal including one of the town’s finest Benedictine eggs.

Mako’s on the Creek

Take a seat overlooking Cibolo Creek and find out why this little town is turning into a gastronomic destination. The comprehensive 5,000 square feet building’s sleek and modern lines contrast with the charming and traditional surroundings, while the menu provides trendy versions of convenient ingredients and a professional bar that features classic cocktails and original works with an equal balance.


Composed of the Culinary Institute of America student chefs, Savor provides a modern and intimate dining experience in its spacious and open dining room.

Students are supervised by the school’s teachers and welcome chefs, who not only guarantee consistency but supervise the varied menu as well. Most products are obtained from local farmers. Savor replaced Nao (the ancient Latin-inspired restaurant operated by the Culinary Institute) and reopened after a short break for the summer.

Savor can be pricey, offering bar food and alcoholic beverages as well as a fixed price menu, but its modern American cuisine and delicious desserts (especially the Panna Cotta elderflower) are definitely worth it. Sunday-Weekend.

2M Smokehouse

2m smokehouse

2M Smokehouse regularly features on the “best barbeque” lists, so it’s no wonder that the line is wrapped around the East Side restaurant every day. Unusual hours don’t help: 2M is available only from Thursday to Sunday, from 11 a.m to 4 p.m.

Pitmaster, Esaul Ramos gives the South Texas chest-centric barbecue a more conventional Tex-Mex touch. Expect chorizo and jalapeño dishes such as cornbread, as well as long-standing dishes such as burgers, potato salads, and sausages. Did you hold back? The turkey sandwiches and tacos from 2M Smokehouse are perfect for taking-out.

Kindling Texas Kitchen

Gwyn and Justin Hammerson, the culinary couple, developed a dream of Texan cuisine that avoids stereotypes. They offer a tasty blackened goldfish instead of tacos, fried chicken fillets, and barbecue, a scorched pork chop with German pannas, and a canned oyster treatment that elevates easy snacks on a tiny tie plate.

Its accessible and delicious dishes, warm environment, and friendly service give good reason to go on a trip to Cibolo. After cooking at some of the most popular restaurants in Austin, they say they want to concentrate on producing only good food. We’d say they’re optimistic.

The Good Kind

Technically, this is Good Kind’s second location (the first smallest location is in Pearl’s dining room bottling department), but we’re happy to overlook it because, given the space available, the current expansive location offers a new one.

The Good Kind is located in Monterrey’s former home and offers a variety of safe and less healthy comfort foods, from smoothies and salad bowls to rich macaroni and cheese. The Southtown location also offers free gym classes in partnership with the property’s Ivy Hall, an event room that shares outdoor space.


Lone Star State and the steakhouses go hand in hand like boots and rodeos, but it should be in Range if you want to order a steak in San Antonio. The restaurant takes a minimalist approach to spices, exposing its juicy and quality cuts to the meaty taste. The selection also offers a wide array of seafood options: lobster enchiladas are recommended.