Danger’s Sex Tape Blackmail?! Smashing the Homies Royalties? Pregnancy Secrets?!

Monica Leon, a.k.a. Danger from VH1‘s For the Love of Ray J, dialed in to speak with DJ Whoo Kid and the crew at Shade 45 (Nov. 14) about her pregnancy, her upcoming art tour and going back to For the Love of Ray J season 2 to shake things up!

Will she and Ray J ever reunite outside of the show? How did being on the show her real life relationship afterward? What was the call she got about a sex tape? What was it really like in the For the Love of Ray J house? Is Cali from Real Chance of Love really her girlfriend? Does she wish she would have waited for 50 Cent before she got pregnant?

Get the scoop in this RadioPlanet.tv exclusive with DJ Whoo Kid, Coach PR, DJ Mandog and special guest host Miss Mimi!

By: Dove ~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~


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