Ghetts ft. Giggs “No Comment”

Check out this new track from Ghetts featuring Giggs called ‘No Comment.’ Despite the title, feel free to leave comments below! POW!

4 Responses to “Ghetts ft. Giggs “No Comment””

  1. K says:

    Big tune, two OGs from the grime and uk rap scene repping.

  2. JHeeezzz ! say nuffin uk going in wiv dat grime rap ! we murk all dem pussy american rappers like brendon lemar whus some shit rapper

  3. dunknow da dunknow says:

    sick but blood where the fuck did rap come from??? NY, america!! now everyones spittin like an american over here, we need to get our own style on this rap ish. Cause all i hear is bare americanised rappers all speaking like americans and dressin like them. enough love for the US though, they showed us the way on this and always will.

    UK will never come as big as the US

  4. dunknow da dunknow dunknow fucall says:

    nuffin like the american flow.

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