Jordin Sparks vs DJ Whoo Kid!!Dating Jason Derulo?? Sparkle With Whitney?? Return to American Idol??

American R&B recording artist, songwriter and actress, Jordin Sparks recently stopped by Shade 45 to speak with  DJ Whoo Kid. Luckily over here at we were able to capture the entire conversation!

Is ‘No Air’ Jordin’s biggest record? How does Jordin feel about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship? Is Jordin really dating Jason Derulo? What was it like being around Whitney Houston? What’s it like working with Mike Epps? Did Jordin really sing in front of Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross? Is Jordin an emotional person? How’s it feel to be the last female to win American Idol? When does the Sparkle dvd come out?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

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