KRSP Tour Footage! Lloyd Banks French Stalker? Whoo Kid & Yayo Get Passports Confiscated?!

Check out this footage from The KRSP Tour, which was filmed with an iPhone 4 and narrated by Whoo Kid himself!

Whoo Kid kicks off the tour by rocking the party at the Millenio by Metropolis in Naples with some Fatman Scoop, but the party doesn’t stop there as Whoo Kid randomly sees Mike Tyson stumble on stage to do some drunken karaoke?!

To Venice we go, where Whoo Kid turns his swag on at Princeville Nightclub and turns it all the way up!

On the road to Bordeaux, France Whoo Kid runs into a classy admirer of Lloyd Banks who is destined to get into his pants, but has to make sure she is fresh first! After what I assume was a happy ending, Banks hits the stage at Palais Mallot to perform some hits from The Hunger for More 2!

After departing from France Whoo Kid finds himself in Switzerland to get a belt quickly made of his favorite number by the man behind, and a man who is very happy to have supplied Cuba Gooding Jr. with a belt as well!

Time to play in Dubai! That is…After Whoo Kid gets held up by security for 8 hours! Once in Dubai Whoo Kid tackles the worlds tallest building and compares the thrill to the first time going to a strip club! Yikes!

Party’s over! As Whoo Kid and the gang wrap things up and start heading home they get their passports confiscated in Lebanon! Did they ever make it back? Has anyone seen my boss?!

Enjoy the footage and make sure you get KRSP for the holidays at!

~ @FetusRPT

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  1. ur mam says:

    cant believe Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks went to Nandos, BIGG LOOK

  2. ur mam says:

    now u done a tinie tempah tape & u got K-Lash on da way, where da fuck iz an S.A.S mixtape!!!!!

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