Loaded Lux vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Battle Tested?? Went Against Vado?? Close With Busta Rhymes??

Harlem Native and Battle Legend Loaded Lux recently stopped by Shade 45 to speak with  DJ Whoo Kid. Luckily over here at RadioPlanet.tv we were able to capture the entire conversation!

How many times has Lux battled before he got his reputation? Did Lux really battle Vado back in the day? How did Lux first link up with Smack?  Did Diddy really throw up alot of money on battles? Did Calicoe really block Lux on twitter? Hows the transition from the battle world to the music world? Is Lux working on an album? Who does Lux look up to? Is Lux cool with Busta Rhymes?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

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