Maino’s Brother Mouse Says Gangsta’s Don’t Die?! Edgy Novel!

Maino‘s brother Jermel “Mouse” Coleman has written a book about perseverance and overcoming tragedy in the hood!

As a child in Brooklyn, New York, Mouse‘s father succumbed tragically to drug addiction. He and his brother, known to the world as platinum selling rapper Maino, were forced to turn to street associations to survive. Eventually the troubled young men were both imprisoned in different incidents. Upon release, Maino focused on writing songs, while Mouse turned to planning a release for the novel he’d written while behind bars.

Gangsta’s Dont Die was originally released independently in 2007 through the Coleman brothers’ own Hustle Hard Publishing. Soon after, Maino‘s music career skyrocketed with hits like “Hi Hater” and the 2009 Rap Chart Top 10 hit “All the Above,” which was certified platinum. With global fame in the family, it only seemed right for Mouse to distribute his novel to reach people who identify with his brother’s music.

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