Cooking Channel’s Nadia G vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Eating Animal Penis?? Weed Brownies?? Biggie & Drake??

The Cooking Channel’s Nadia G from ‘Bitchin Kitchen‘ stopped by Shade 45 speak with DJ Whoo KidLuckily over here at we were able to capture the entire conversation!

Flexible?? Does Nadia ever get horny while cooking? Does Nadia eat animal penis? Has Nadia ever made weed brownies? Stuffing turkeys??Being that Nadia is from Montreal, is she a big fan of Drake?? Listening to Biggie? Any special fried chicken recipes?? What would Nadia make for Snoop Dogg? Any special vegetarian dishes??  Do chefs have beef with each other (no pun intended) ??

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

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