Obie Trice “Battle Cry” – Hot or Not?

Said to be off of Obie Trice‘s upcoming album Bottoms Up, which is due to drop August 23, we get “Battle Cry!”

2 Responses to “Obie Trice “Battle Cry” – Hot or Not?”

  1. rodipipes says:

    Super dope! Really missed obie! Need him back to shady records

  2. Jimnastyx says:

    Weak. He’s definitely got skill and has shown as much in the past however, he doesn’t display it in this one. The second verse short on substance, punch and length. The chorus means to be anthemic but misses the mark. A song about carrying on in the face of criticism either refutes nay-sayers with prowess, or further justifies their negative feedback. This new song does the latter rather than the former. My lines against his, any day.

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