Wiz Khalifa vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Wax?? Studio With Britney Spears?? Human Uzi?? 3 Flows??

Wiz Khalifa stopped by Shade 45  to speak with  DJ Whoo KidLuckily over here at RadioPlanet.tv we were able to capture the entire conversation!

How did Wiz get so close with Cassie? What is wax? Is Wiz really working with Britney Spears?? The white illuminati?? How’s fatherhood changed Wiz? Is Wiz really working on a new album? How did Wiz jump on the Rocko remix? Is Wiz experimenting with new styles? 3 Flows? How did Wiz and Big Sean become so cool? Black Hollywood?? What can fans expect from the new tour?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

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