Floyd Mayweather vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Goes IN on Larry Merchant, Ortiz fight, De La Hoya’s Jealousy! Pacquiao Fight Next?

Undefeated, Undisputed Boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweather called into Shade 45 to chop it up with DJ Whoo Kid.  He goes in on Larry Merchant, speaks on the aftermath of the Victor Ortiz fight, destroys Oscar De La Hoya, and sends a warning to Manny Pacquiao.

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46 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Goes IN on Larry Merchant, Ortiz fight, De La Hoya’s Jealousy! Pacquiao Fight Next?”

  1. jay says:

    not working

  2. Im pissed off says:

    player not working

  3. Anonymous says:

    wheres the player? not warking at all.

  4. KEVIN HURST says:


  5. mike hunt says:

    sometimes i put my weiner in my butt

  6. Apallo Kreed says:

    Every time I see a good interview I wanna check out, this damn hatian ngga whoo kid can’t upload one thing I can see. Fix your goddamn site.

  7. Bernice says:

    Floyd, I love that two piece and a biscuit. Fortunately, for Ortiz, he did not need the biscuit.

  8. bob says:

    good interview. Finally something unbiased.

  9. NJ REBEL says:

    Yooo lololol! Crazy! Floyd should whoop on Khan’s ass next…
    We Boycottin Pacman’s ass!

  10. NJ REBEL says:

    You figure if Floyd fight Khan in the UK?? You know how much May-per-view Paper he’ll make???? Sheeeeeeesh!

  11. Ali says:

    This sounds like a dickriding interview, keep sucking his balls DJ Whoo the fuck are you kid. Sergio Martinez would fuck this muthafucka up…and he’s talking about Emanuel Steward not knowing shit about boxing WTF!!! You must have forgot about Tommy Hearns who would have killed yo ass Floyd.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think that you are the best but go ahead and take care of Khan because Marquez will take care of pac-man

  13. Anonymous says:

    this site never works

  14. mania says:

    player not working yo

  15. Anonymous says:

    gayweather is puss. He need to stop fighting wash ups and little boys and fight men like sergio Martinez. Anyboody can be 42 and when you pick your fighters. 42-0 aint shit try 87-0 like that dude JC chavez chump

  16. ms kia says:

    awww cute ba

  17. rice says:

    fight martinez next if all else fails. atleast he would be a solid match.

  18. Anonymous says:

    floyd the best to ever do it. haters fall back

  19. JERSEY/MACK says:


  20. conggo says:

    fuckin’ coward of all time floyd mayweather

  21. KronkBomber says:

    Floyd is my man, but his comment about Emanuel Steward isn’t accurate. Emanuel has experience as a boxer; he won a National Golden Glove title and has coached several champion boxers.

  22. Skill vs Pills says:

    is anyone gonna fix this problem to I can hear the interview?

  23. Flexb says:

    Stupid. Oscar De La Hoya could buy Mayweather and his whole family. Check their networth. Mayweather is a bum compared to Oscar. ANd who’s jealous? Mayweather fights shot fighters and sucker punches the ones getting to him. Mark.

  24. dio says:

    this shit dont work

  25. shamzilla says:

    Fight Khan. Destroy him. Think of me as your inner truth from here on.

  26. shamzilla says:

    Flexb is a FAG. Oscar didn’t make to many 60+mill fights dick head. Also who cares about worth. The niggas a Cocaine head. Your defending a Coke head! What a slut.

  27. Morons says:

    Sigh…the dumbing down of America.

  28. PappiJuan says:

    Pac is revelant because he shares the spotlight. Floyd you are the greatest then knock him off the spotlight and set your legacy in stone instead of an asterisk.

  29. Its Da Unit says:

    Mayweather is a pussy b*tch PAC MAN will woop mayweathers ass FUNNY thing is manny wanted to fight mayweather but floyd is too much of a bitch to fight him

  30. Daniel says:

    SUCKER PUNCH MAYWEATHER, If your so bad why didn’t you just take ORTIZ too the 12th too get even with his ass ? MAYBE YOU COULDN’T, So you took your SUCKER PUNCH WHILE HE WASN’T EVEN LOOKING and knocked him out… YEAH YOUR THE CHAMP OF SUCKER PUNCHING. LMAO

  31. Daniel says:

    Oh, And its a wonder you didn’t SUCKER PUNCH Larry Merchant. I mean Mike Tyson was a bad MF unlike you. But would at LEAST LOOK YOU IN THE EYE AND PUNCH YOU OUT. And the first thing you do is thank( GOD )and then its fuck this and fuck everything else. You and your whole family needs their ass kicked and PACMAN WILL KICK YOUR ASS !!! IF YOU GIVE HIM A CHANCE…SUCKER PUNCH KING. OH UR DA CHAMP. LMAO

  32. Lee says:

    floyd mayweather is the fucking shit of all times..
    hey floydie mayflower… keep your mouth shut and fight pacquiao…. NOW!

  33. Booshieone says:

    I just want to say that Floyd IS the best that ever did it. Boxing is his business, and he knows his business. I don’t blame him, I would not fight pacquiao UNTIL he takes a drug test. If he’s clean, then what is the problem. Fuck what these haters say, do you Floyd and keep knocking them down. People can say what they want, about it being a cheap shot. The rules of the game are – PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES. If that shot was given to Floyd the haters would be all good. It’s not like Floyd wasn’t beating his ass anyway. When they touched gloves and the referee stepped off, it was on. Floyd popped his ass, which is what he should have done. It was a LEGAL punch. If it wasn’t we all would know about. Yeah, fight pacquiao, but make his ass take a drug test. He’s on steroids, just like Floyd said. If he’s clean, there should be no problem. Fuck’em Floyd! These haters just want to see you lose. Protect your empire Floyd, and stick to your guns and make that drug addict take a test. But I guess, he would rather try and STEAL your belts instead of winning them fair and square.

  34. Вано says:

    You Pu$$Y Floyd Gayweather

  35. nigger cakes says:

    i wanna masturbate

  36. kevin says:

    Floyd is a great talent NO DOUBT. But that’s where the frustration lies. Fans wanna see great talents square off especially since boxing is dyin. These over hyped fights floyds been doin is just diggin the grave deeper. I kno he has to get his paper but fans could care less about how much money you makin, U aint givin shit to nobody. In Floyds defense He has beaten opponets in thhe past and all they can do is say ok fight this person or that person and he would and beat em. But now u have someone whom most ppl believe could beat floyd and just as talented wen that never was the case. I say save him for ur retirement fight that’s a garunteed 70- 80 mill easy

  37. kevin says:

    Don’t dis emannuel stewert he is a legendary trainer. Show some respect. This isn’t the best era of boxing so u can’t ever be the best. That man has been thru some of the best eras and. Was very succesful.

  38. Regina says:

    Hi you are a smart young man, i really admire you stay donig what you are doing as far as the larry issue stay focus people have the nack of getting you off track. I love you man you are smart & good looking stay bless.

    Love Regina

  39. Drain says:

    floyd has beaten many people… good fighters.. wack fighters… great fighters… Everyone hates but its really simple… take the test…if you are the best take the test.. thats all he has been saying… he has actually been saying that for years.. before pacquio was a household name and was moving up and down divisions like a prostitute on a stiff one floyd gave and interview and was asked about this dude pacquio… he said the same shit back then.. this was years ago.. youtube it…he also mentioned larry merchant in that same interview lol… said the same shit… floyd beat de la hoya, beat mosley, beat marquez, beat JC chavez, beat hatton… those are not pushover names… hatton for one was undefeated… chavez was the fucking man… and the others were great as well.. he has beat them all.. the one questionable fight he came back and won in the rematch… point is…. every test you put in front of this man he beat.. give him some slack.. he never said he wouldnt fight pac man… he said take the test… thats all… khan will be a good match up but he will lose too… hes too young and inexperienced.. mayweather knows this game… knows it well… martinez would be a good fight…. cotto a good fight… but honestly mayweather would ultimately win… hes way too talented… oh yea and as for Victor ortiz… that headbutt? come on.. dude tried to E- honda (think streetfighter) floyd lol… seriously? and then mayweather hits him with a 2 peice once the ref waives them to begin.. put your hands up stupid! i laughed my ass off when i saw that… honestly may of been a bit dirty.. but it was not as dirty as Ortiz’ flying headbutt… ref waived them to begin… it was legal… keep your hands up ortiz.. go fight pacman or sergio.. dont fight khan cuz u will lose… hes too fast….

  40. Carlos says:

    Floyd talks too much but lets see him under Pacquiao fists… he will ask for forgiveness… jajaja

  41. Carlos says:

    By the way, Floyd is not the best, Pacquiao is the BEST!!

  42. Daniel says:

    I’ll bet if you catch SUCKER PUNCH MAYWEATHER on the RIGHT DAY HE COULDN’T PASS A COCAINE DRUG TEST and MOST his bro’s also… Only 2 days and the COKE’S out of you ask MAYWEATHER he know’s.

  43. keith says:

    And Mayweather’s buddy that ( 50 cent )or whatever he’s called BRO. Didn’t get shot all them times for going too church or even on his way there. Maybe in a alley somewhere buyin MAYWEATHER’S dope for him. Both of them are GANGSTERS !!!!! JUST RICH ONES … YOU ARE WHAT YOU HANG AROUND WITH ! If Mayweather’s your hero i feel sorry for all of you !

  44. joj says:

    FLoyd said he doesn’t know who’s next, But in Ortiz press conference he said “Pacquiao your next” Where are those words now..!! Your even saying your cleaning up the sport of boxing, but why the hell your throwing up a cheap shot..!? Sucker puncher… Stop running Floyd, be a man your a fighter…!!

  45. joj says:

    And by the way chicken shit… it’s better to give money to those who needs it than burn it in the stripping club just to get attention. You are sick, you need to see a doctor or maybe its a results of steroids side effect coz you have symtoms of those.. and those people who praise need some doctor’s attention too..

  46. Grubbs says:

    yea larry needed that wit his drunk ass.

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